Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not sure why

...but I just really like the look of this wine bottle.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lazy vacation days.

I am enjoying every minute of not having to 'be' anywhere this week. I have been enjoying lazy mornings staying in bed just a little bit longer..being woken up by my kids, instead of an alarm clock. The only thing that is better than this is when it is summer time and we can look forward to some fun outside in the sunshine! That time will come soon enough..but until then, I will continue to enjoy days like today when we don't even get out of our jammas.

Eight happy feet playing a fun game of Hullabaloo this afternoon.

...apparently, one of them had to go potty at the time:) Boys will be boys.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another birthday!

Today, Ethan turned SIX years old. I really can't believe it. When Jessalyn turned 6 had already given birth to our fourth baby! We already celebrated Ethan's big day with a party that consisted of both friends and family..including a sleep over. The night went very well and the boys had a very good time.

Even though we already had a party, I still feel the need to do special things on the actual birth day.

We started today with breakfast in bed!

I sent cupcakes with him to school to share with his friends and there were a lot of special things that they did there to recognize the day. His favorite thing was to change the velcro/sticker thing under his name from 5 to 6! Ethan was also able to choose whatever he wanted for dinner. His first idea was Chinese food (we've taught him well!) but unfortunately it is Tuesday and the Chinese place down the road was closed. His second choice was Mc D's..something we havn't had for over a month (strangly enough). The other kids thanked him for having a birthday and choosing Mc D's for dinner!

I tortured him a bit for some six year old photos:)

Happy Birthday Ethan!