Monday, June 20, 2011

Me and a group of friends had a much needed "girls night" on Saturday. As usual, I spent the week looking forward to this time out....little did I know that they turned it into a "girls night/baby shower" for me! Being that this is my 5th time through this, it's not quite necessary to have an all out full blown baby shower so this gathering was PERFECT! Not only was it fun to be with the girls, it was also a nice time to celebrate Truett and be showered with the perfect amount of baby necessities! Besides moving a dresser into his room (from someone else's house!), I feel like I have everything I need for this special occasion! There is still some work to do as far as organizing it all, but I feel relieved that I can at least diaper the child once he's born!

I can't tell you how blessed I feel. Because of such awesome friends and family, I have not "needed" to purchase a single item! (I say "needed" in quotes like that because I did actually buy a maternity bathing suit..but I wouldn't quite call that necessity!) I have been handed down (or over?) all of the maternity clothes and have either been given used baby gear or am borrowing it for the time being. It really is awesome to have such a great community of friends and family!

While I loved and appreciated every gift that I received during our girls night, I really wanted to share this one particular thing that was made for me from one of my besties, Karole-Ann! I can't wait to get his room organized so that I can hang these up!

(ignore the very cluttered, yet very well used piano!)

(I'm noticing the notes above this photo...must be notes from the kids for youth Sunday because I don't recognize that writing:)

It was a perfect girls night. I have the best friends!
(...and what better 'baby shower' game than a friendly game of the classic 80's Mall Madness?!)