Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Anna!

Chris and Kim were GREAT sports, letting me put Anna anywhere I could think of that would make a cute picture! We even tried to put her in a mailbox (inside of course)...but there was just something about being put back into such a tight space that made Anna a bit unsettled:) It would have been super cute...but I think we ended up coming up with some other cute ideas.

She was nice and sleepy at first, which made for some easy positioning and placement for a few cute pictures. After a break for some lunch and a diaper change she was nice and awake for a few wide eyed shots. She kept wanting to fall back asleep...all this modeling was surely making her exhausted! We waited patiently for those beautiful eyes to pop back open...and we were glad that we did!

I got many pictures (MANY more on smugmug)...I'll try to choose only a few to share here:)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Anna

I just love it when our close friends have babies! Not only does it give me the opportunity to snuggle, but it also gives me the chance to take their pictures! I didn't want to steal Anna away from her mom for too long so I only snapped a few...but we are making a plan so that we can take more very soon.

Anna is a sweet girl...

..and she has a sweet big brother!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A bunch of Wild girls.

Back in October I had fun doing a little photo shoot for some family friends. These girls are tons of fun and always a great help with my crazy boys. They wanted some nice pictures for their mom for her birthday. Again, I didn't want to post any from that day on the blog, fearing that I would ruin the surprise.

Ahhh, but three months later (and talking with the mom), I can be assured that the gift has been received. I think posting a few from that day is safe now!

I love this one!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A pre-Christmas photo-shoot..

I didn't want to share any pics from this shoot until after I knew the gifts were in the hands of their recipients:) I believe it is safe now. Kim and Elijah were hoping to get a few pics to give as gifts, so we had a fun morning, torturing Elijah with the camera.

I think we got a few keepers from that morning.

 I guess that was alot of pics:) There are more in my smugmug!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


So..what do we call it? I'm thinking we should be saying "twenty-ten" instead of "two thousand ten". I mean..thinking back to the 1900's, we don't say things like "way back in one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine" right? No..we would say "nineteen ninety nine". I don't know:)

We had an amazing Christmas. So much so, that I haven't taken down the Christmas tree yet. Strange for me, since usually I am the one who takes it down the day after Christmas. Here we are in January, and its still standing. I'm just not ready to let the season go.

Ah well. Here are some pictures to start the year:)

I rarely make my pictures black and white. I love black and white photography, but at the same time, part of what I love about photography is the color I find myself always wanted to go back to the picture where I could see the eye color and clothing colors. Unfortunately, I completely underexposed this picture of Luke...and using my free editing program found myself frustrated with trying to fix it. I was happier with it in black and white this time:) It has tempted me to turn a few more b/w just for fun!

Its a warmer b/w..