Friday, February 25, 2011

Phone calls from the school.

I don't know about you, but when I get a phone call and see that it is from the elementary school where my kids attend, I tend to think the worst. Fortunately, discipline is not usually an issue (so far), but my immediate reaction is that it is the nurse calling and that someone is sick. My next thought is that it's Jessalyn who has forgotten something that she desperately needs at school, causing me to make yet another trip up there!

A few days ago, I had already received a call from Jessalyn at school. Luke hadn't left for kindergarten yet and Ethan was home with a slight fever. I couldn't figure out why I was getting a call from the school for the second time in one day.

After answering, I got even more confused because it was the guidance counselor calling about Jessalyn. She's a quiet lady and at first I thought something was wrong. She then went on to explain that she was calling with "very exciting news" and that Jessalyn had won an award. The guidance counselor was very excited to be sharing this news with me.

She went on to describe the award and the reasoning. She said that Jessalyn had been nominated by her teacher and then ultimately chosen by the guidance counselors, principal and assistant principal who had to choose two students who are considered "Outstanding School Citizens" and who serve as positive role models for others in their actions at school.

What a GREAT reason to win an award!! I feel like just being chosen as an "outstanding school citizen" was a big enough "award" on its own, but she does actually get something out of this! She won a scholarship for a week of day camp with the Squam Lakes Association this summer and will get to spend a week hiking, canoeing and kayaking! She is very excited about this!

We are very proud of her!