Thursday, February 13, 2014

Home School Week 10

I feel like this is very boring and repetitive:)  At least, it is to write it out! we go....

Today is only Thursday, but the other kids have a day off from school tomorrow and we have a couple of parent/teacher conferences and Jessalyn has an AAU game, so I tricked Luke into doubling today!  I knew that if I told him we were doing it that he would have a hard time, so I just didn't tell him.  Next thing he knew we had finished the reading for tomorrow as well and realized that he only had to hammer out a spelling test and a math test and a page of handwriting and he wouldn't have to do anything tomorrow.  He was happy to do that work:)

~Continuing to read through Luke.  This week was Luke 19:28-21:38
~He read in his Bible each morning.
~We learned about the Natchez tribe in the American Indian Prayer Guide.
~He memorized Micah 6:8
          "You have shown me, oh man, what is good and what the Lord requires of me, but to do justly, and               to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God."
(I don't think this is the exact version that he learned...but these are the words that get stuck in my head because of a song that we sing in Church:)

~We read a few pages of the Children's Encyclopedia of American History and filled in some timeline and worked with the maps and globe.
~We read a few more chapters in The Landmark History of the American People...with discussion.

~We read chapters 14-17 in the Witch of Blackbird Pond.  I like this book, but it's not Luke's favorite.
~We finished up Tree in the Trail today as well.
~He started the Book The Courage of Sarah Noble.  He has read chapters 1-7 and likes it.  It's an easy book for him.

~Lesson 5

~Lesson 10..this was a tricky one.  All twenty words had a silent letter.  He had a hard time with the pretest, but today got every one correct on his test!  He was happy!

~A week of reviewing multiplication tables.  I think next week we go onto new things.

~Continuing to learn all about Earth!

Language Arts:
~He worked with pronouns this week.  He had to correct a paragraph that had sentences that look like this:
     "The beaver told the badger the beaver needed the badger's brush so the beaver could comb the beaver's weird beard."
   (He had to throw in a few pronouns to make this sentence make more sense)
   He also was give a picture that he had to write a story about.  This was fun for him.

In addition to his Language Arts as well as Bible, Luke worked hard on writing his testimony this week!  He is getting baptized on Sunday!  We asked him a few key questions like:
     What is baptism?
     What does baptism mean to you?
     Why do you want to be baptized?
He had some great understanding with his answers and ended up writing a GREAT testimony!  I will wait until after he shares it personally on Sunday to share it here though:)

Luke wanted to start reading the Nights of Arrethtrae books that our family loves.  I read the entire series to Ethan a few years ago, and Jessalyn read the series on her own.  Luke can't get enough of these books and keeps talking about how they are the best books he's ever read.  He begs me to read extra chapters each night, and because I think the books are so good, I usually agree:)  If you haven't heard of them you can check them out here... The Nights of Arrethtrae .  

Between my own personal reading each morning and night and all of the reading that I do with Luke, I don't think I've ever read this much in my life!  I am enjoying it very much!!

Home School Week 9

Yet another week has flown by and Luke and I seem to be settling into a nice little routine of things.  He is happy...I am happy:)  It's all good!

~I read Luke17:1-19:27 to him throughout the week.
~He read each day in his Adventure Bible.
~He learned about the Lumbee Tribe in the American Inidan Prayer Guide.
~He memorized Romans 12:15 and 16
          "Blessed those who persecute you, bless and do not curse them.  Rejoice with those who rejoice and             weep with those who weep."
     (We had lots of opportunity to discuss how this applies to us on a daily basis!)

~We read several pages of The Landmark history of the American People, Vol 1 with discussion following.
~He read another chapter in The Light and the Glory.
~He was able to fill in more of his timeline and we have spent lots of time looking at maps and the globe.

~We read 4 chapters of The Tree in the Trail.
~We read chapters 10-13 in The Witch of Blackbird Pond.
~He finished up "The Thanksgiving Story" this reading a chapter or two each day.

~He continues to work through each lesson in the book and his writing improves each week!

~He worked through another spelling lesson and did well on the test at the end of the week, although did not ace it:)

~He finished up learning to skip count (and multiply) by 8's this week.  He is flying through math so far.

~We are learning about Earth for the next couple weeks.  He is learning all sorts of fascinating things and how God designed Earth so perfectly for us to be able to live here!

Language Arts:
He did several writing projects during this week and also had to narrate to me (while I took notes) The Thanksgiving Story that he finished reading that week.  He did well narrating the key parts of the story.

(Because I'm writing this a week late, I can't exactly remember...but I think that something came up during the week that made the writing of a weekly letter difficult, so he didn't write a letter this week.)