Monday, March 31, 2008

"Elder-Berry" Pie Toss!!

Leave it to Granny to come up with this wonderful idea...and creative pun to go along with it! The missions team that is headed to Mexico has been sponsoring many events in hopes to help raise money. Thanks to Granny's hard work with the initial ideas and a great deal of the legwork there have been quite a few super fun fund raisers. Along side of "Souper Sunday" and the "New and Improved Valentines Dinner"...our missions team hosted the first annual "Winter Picnic". There was a nice summer themed afternoon after the services on Sunday that included the usual BBQ food, games and the much anticipated "Elder-Berry Pie Toss"! (The Elders of our church were forced graciously volunteered to sit still while people pay to throw pies at them).

This event lived up to its anticipated fun, plus some. A large group gathered around and paid many a dollar to throw pies at the Elders...the Elders have been dreadinglooking forward to this all month! It turned out to be a very entertaining way to earn some cash..and also proved to be a worth while use of $2 as many many pies were thrown. Yes. It was a mess!

I'm not sure if its a good thing or not..but Josh seemed to be one of the most favored target:) I would say that everyone got their fair share though!

I have probably 25 minutes of video of this is a 2 minute clip of random moments during the event. You will see what they looked like at the beginning..and then at the very end. It was most definitely a fun time!

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Rumor has it that it will be the Elders wives in this position at some point to raise money for the bathroom project. We'll see about that!

Friday, March 28, 2008

...might as well.

I am noticing a similar theme among some of my blogger I figured I might as well join in with them. It wasn't until last night when I was taking pics off my camera when I really FULLY realized it. I knew it was happening but I didn't think it was THAT bad. I mean, it happened to my dad very early and my brother as well.

Yup. I'm going GRAY.

It was made quite clear to me when I saw this picture that Jessalyn took of me while I was having fun with Scott and Stephanie's camera. I can tell by looking in the mirror but there's nothing like having a picture of that side of my head. You can see how nice and brown my pony tail is..and how cruddy colored the rest of my hair is. I guess its time I go see Shara to have this problem fixed!

I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in this feeling of getting old. You can go to The Life of D, A and S or even go to The Mommy Chronicles to see some of my other friends who are coming to this same realization. Then there are those who should be complaining about how old that REALLY old guy over at Faded Cap. tee hee hee hee

Well, I suppose it could be worse. Yes...I'm getting old and gray but for the most part I still have my health and I can be very thankful for that! I can still run, do hip hop class, play guitar hero with the best of them (right Amy??!!) whether my hair turns gray or not I can still be "young at heart" right??

And for the record...what is the correct spelling of the word "gray"? Grey? Gray? hmmmmm........

Oh, and I had to add this too. This is the picture that I was taking when Jessalyn took the picture of my gray (grey?) head...

No matter how gray I am..I will still be taking pictures. (hopefully one day I won't be borrowing that awesome camera though...I will actually own it!)

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Its fun to think back to this time last year. I was just about to my due date with Owen and, although I don't remember it, I was pretty miserable. Its so funny how I forget this part. I look back at the pictures...and think "oh, how exciting that was. I just love having that big belly". Josh quickly slaps me across the face (not really) and tells me "YOU DON'T REMEMBER!". For some reason, he remembers everything about me being pregnant.

Not only am I being reminiscent about this time in my life because of Owens impending birthday...but I am also reminded of these times by the birth of Kim and Chris's baby (they welcomed baby Caleb on Tuesday...a month early weighing 7 lbs 13 ozs!) and the soon to be birth of Nate and Megan's baby!

Its funny how Josh and I can have completely different feelings when we hear of a new baby being born. Josh is happy for them of course...but has that "I'm so glad its not me" feeling. At this point he has no desire to be back there with a laboring wife and then a newborn baby.

But then me on the other hand...I get all sad, wondering if that will ever be me again! Then I am quickly reminded during weeks like this past one..with sick kids and that feeling of being overwhelmed and I start to second guess my thoughts of baby #5. The problem is that 95% of the time I don't feel overwhelmed..and I think "whats another baby?". ha ha ha.

Anyway..this was not supposed to be another one of these posts where I whine about this subject:) I was just gonna post a picture of what I looked like at this time last year.

This picture was taken on March 26, 2007.

I suppose I am glad that instead of looking like that I will be a hip hop class today:)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What to write? What to write?

By the title of this post you might think that I have come up blank on what to write about when in reality, its just the opposite. I have several ideas in my mind and can't really decide on what I should post about next. I have stories from months ago that I thought would be appropriate here..but just haven't had the time to post them with everything else going on. I suppose this is a good thing.

For now I will leave you with yet another amusing (or maybe its only amusing to me??) story. I think those of you who have husbands who are completely oblivious while they are sleeping will appreciate this story. (I will say..that there are many things that my husband is wonderful about. He cooks..he cleans, he takes care of me well...but when he's asleep..he's asleep, and there is no changing that.)

During the time that Owen was sick he spent the nights in our bed..and this wasn't just nice snuggly cozy sleepy time..this was sleep for 10 minutes then fuss. Sleep for 10 more minutes then sit up...then use the wrecking ball (otherwise known as his head) to crack my nose as he flings himself back down into bed. It wasn't fun..but the poor guy was so sick that we had to feel bad for him.

I usually am aware enough to know that when the nuky (his pacifier) falls out of his mouth that I need to grab it or else it will be lost forever in the crevices of our bed. I think sometimes I do this without even knowing it and will wake up with it tucked nicely in my hand.

This particular instance it wasn't in my hand. Owen wakes up..and instead of his usual routine, fussing and then demolishing my nose, he was crying. It was all out crying and I couldn't get him to stop. I also couldn't find that stinking pacifier. At this point I had gotten completely out of bed with Owen screaming in my arms and I was desperately searching the bed for the Nuky. I looked under pillows, I shook the sheets, I looked everywhere and it wasn't to be found.

Meanwhile..Josh is snoozing away..completely unaware of my frustration and unaware of the screaming baby in his ear. He's all nicely snuggled up on his side of the bed. I decided that if he could sleep through that then I would just turn on the light..which wasn't pleasant for any of us. I still couldn't find it. I then decide that maybe it feel off the bed..between the wall and our heads. With Owen in my arms and Josh still in bed I start moving the bed around to see if it was down there.

FINALLY...after probably a good 10 minutes of this Josh rolls over and looks at me with the most annoyed "what the heck are you doing? Why are the lights on?". I looked at him thinking "don't even DARE say a word" and then tell him that I can't find the STUPID NUKY and Owen has been crying (and yes, I did have an attitude at this point). Josh then..still without saying a word...reaches out his arm and opens his hand and hands over the nuky! Oh my goodness. I am both relieved..and TICKED at him at the same time.

I then said "Did you have this the whole time?" (probably with a bit of a raised voice and even more of an attitude) and he mumbles.."I don't know".

Yeah..its funny now.

So then, the next morning Josh wakes me up after his shower and the first thing he says to me is "I don't appreciate being yelled at in the middle of the night". (He wasn't being serious..just giving me a hard time). I was instantly steaming again..and then he made me laugh by making it clear that I should never ever turn the lights "on and off" and "shake the bed all over the place" in the middle of the night....because he was convinced the world was coming to an end.

Yeah, well everybody's world is going to end soon if this Mama doesn't start getting some sleep!!!! So there.

Well it makes for a good story. I think of a story that was told by Kann (over at The Life of D, A, and S). Long story of her kids threw up all over her husbands back in the middle of the night. He didn't move..she cleaned him up and rolled him over and he didn't have a clue! Man, I wish I could sleep that soundly!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Our the ER.

Ahhh yes, never a dull moment around here. In between rehearsals and performances for One Voice Luke and Owen seemed to be 'coming down with something'. I brought them in on Friday morning..just to be safe and it turned out that Luke has strep throat and that Owen appeared to have some sort of virus. As soon as Luke started taking the ABX he was fine...but poor Owen just wasn't kicking whatever he had.

After four straight sleepless nights...and a very fussy, sleepy boy...I decided to take him to the ER on Sunday after church. The ham was in the oven..and the fam was over, but it was the general consensus that I should bring him in.

Our family friend (someone who snuggled with Josh as a baby) came along with me and Owen to the ER...and I'm glad she did because we spent quite a long time there. Fortunately, we got right in when we arrived and I was glad they were taking such good care of Owen.

The first thing was to take an rectal temp...with read 102.7. They swabbed his throat to test for strep, and his nose to test for RSV. (They had me plug his nose to get him to open his mouth for the strep test...THAT was hard and felt so unnatural for me to be doing to him!).

After both of those test came back negative the docs were concerned. He was "the epitome of lethargic" as the nurses said and was definitely a sick little guy. They spent lots of time listening to his lungs, watching his chest...all the while he just laid there sometimes sleeping, sometimes just laying there. He didn't even have the energy to show that he didn't want to be there. Poor guy. They also did the oxygen saturation test thing and fortunately, that was fine too.

From there they decided to draw blood..and do a chest x-ray...both of these are not fun to do on an almost one year old! I had to hold him down while they drew his blood. He did not like that at all..and mustered the energy to fight us on that one! The next thing was to do the x-ray. For those of you who have never had to have one of these done on your baby...this is what it looks like...(this is a pic I got online..not Owen..)

Again..poor guy! I can tell you that Owen was MUCH less happy than the baby in the picture above! After 3 rectal temps and a blood draw...this was not what he was hoping for. Fortunately, it was quick and the x-ray tech was super nice.

So after all that it is determined that his blood work is fine (thank you Lord), his lungs look fine...and well, he just has a virus! Ugh. Its almost easier when there is actually something that you can treat. I was happy that even after being told that it looks to be a virus that they were going to treat him with some zithromax just in case. I know...the whole thing with unnecessary use of antibiotics and all that...but for me it was good news. He has now had two treatments of this ABX and he is definitely getting better. Who knows if its a virus that is just wearing off (it is day 6 of this whole sickness thing) or if its the medicine...but whatever is making my baby feel better is making me happy!

Ultimately I was so happy with how much they did for him. I'm sure there are people out there who would think that now he may have had unnecessary ABX, and unnecessary radiation...but for me it was a sense of relief for them to rule out all of that stuff so I at least didn't have to worry when I got home with him. They treated him very well there (Speare Memorial in Plymouth by the way).

After all was said and done..we got home to have our ham dinner that was still warm..and a relaxing night with the family. The fact that I have been pretty sick throughout the last two days would have to be another post in I won't even go there!).

Despite the sickies..I still HAD to dress Owen in his Easter outfit. I felt a bit guilty putting a tie on him when he felt so sick, but the pics are priceless!

The boys with Nana. (Jessalyn was down at the sunrise service with Daddy at this point)

"Rock, paper, scissors...SHOOT!"...

Luke, hiding with his Easter candy..

Saturday, March 22, 2008


The One Voice performance that is. It went off really well...a couple of hiccups here and there but nothing majorly noticeable. Thats what happens when you only do one show (instead of the three that they are used to doing!). light of Jessalyn's understanding of why she is up there on stage I can't help but add the fact that..

SHE IS AWESOME!!! (ha ha ha)

Ok, now is time for Mommy bragging so brace yourself.

She did lots of dancing and singing...but there was one particular song that I thought she did REALLY well with. It was more of a hip hop kind of song...for the adults, but she made the cut and the front row:)

No matter what performance she is in I get so many people coming up to me telling me that she "stole the show". She really does...there is just something about her stage presence that is just natural for her. She had so much fun with this particular song.

She was happy because they got to do it twice...a second time as a reprise of sorts. I took some pics during dress rehearsal and then I video taped the actual performance. The first time through I taped the group as a whole...and then knowing they were doing it twice I just did a close up on her for the whole second time. I think its worth the 4 minutes it will take to watch both of them:)

Ok..back to the show as a whole (rather than the Mommy bragging)...

It was really really good. Mac was amazing as usual and the entire show flowed perfectly with what he was doing. It really was great. There were very few empty seats. All in all it was an amazing night!

A couple of pics of Jessalyn...

Unfortunately I realized after viewing this post that for some weird reason the videos uploaded weird. You still get the idea..but starts to speed up and slow down randomly. I promise, the actual performance wasn't like that!

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A funny, yet insightful conversation.

Jessalyn has been preparing with One Voice to perform an amazing Easter performance along side Emmy award winning actor Mac MacConnel.

(The performance is tomorrow night..Friday, March 21st at 7pm. For more info go HERE. Let me know if you want to go...I have extra tickets!)

Anyway. In preparing for this, we were searching for "Biblical Sandals" to go along with the Biblical outfit that she needs to wear during a couple of the numbers. This has proven to be quite the task for me. You see..for me, its not like I can just take an afternoon and run in and out of a handful of stores to find the perfect shoes..for the perfect prices. That would result in a ton of buckling/unbuckling of car seats...and dragging of children...and well, its just NOT fun. For me these situations are the kind where I choose three places that I might find what I need and go there...and eventually probably pay way more than I want on a particular item. Josh will testify..."if it saves her sanity than its OK" (usually!).

After spending more time than I wanted on this endeavor I finally settled on a cute pair of $27 shoes and justified it by the fact that she can definitely continue to wear them outside of her Biblical costume.

Jessalyn was super happy and excited with her new shoes and as she was putting them on she noticed the box said $27 on them. She was instantly concerned (being way more money conscious than I would like) and felt bad that I had spent that much money on her shoes. She then proved that she inherited her dads "justification skills" and IMMEDIATELY said..

"Well, I mean...we ARE telling the Gospel to HUNDREDS of its ok"

I had to laugh. Funny that she is justifying the purchase of these shoes by the fact that in her wearing them she will be spreading the Gospel! Yet..she is SO right!

I am happy to know that she "gets" this concept. There are so many Christian families who have a hard time going out on a limb for different ministries. So many families who feel like the extra time it takes is just too much. Ministries like these really take a decent amount of sacrifice and so many people just feel like its too much. I am thankful for all of those who have been involved..and have taken alot of time out of their already busy schedules and have committed themselves to making One Voice happen.

Its not only One Voice either. We have had a crazy week..between Palm Sunday, Good Friday, One Voice, and Easter Sunday our family has given up a lot of our normal routine. (I mean really...we missed American Idol and Survivor last night..ha ha ha) Its just that..for us we try to see the big picture and if our kids have to get to bed a bit late a few nights of this busy season its going to be OK.

If you had asked me earlier in the week I would have questioned it myself. I would have wondered if we were doing the right thing by putting so much into ministry this week that it seemed like our family was a bit out of whack. It wasn't until Jessalyn pointed out that it was OK for us to spend a little extra money on shoes to spread the Gospel when I realized that it IS OK! We DON'T do this every week. A majority of our weeks are spent with a normal routine, normal bedtimes...even within our normal "ministry work".

I was relieved to know that during weeks that are a bit out of the ordinary that our kids are 'getting' the picture of what we are doing...and feel as though they are a part of it.

Sometimes its fun to learn these types of lessons from a 7 year old!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Easter preview.

Of course...our family tradition is to dress up for Easter Sunday. We go to a very laid back Church..and often find ourselves wearing jeans on any given Sunday. Church isn't about what we wear! Since Easter Sunday is a particularly special Sunday we tend to take that day out of the year and get "all dolled up":)

Josh will wear his suit and I got the boys the cutest little outfits. Jessalyn picked out a cute little pink skirt and white shirt. One of the best parts of having kids is getting to dress them up...of course, that brings you to one of the most frustrating parts of having kids and that is getting them to cooperate for pictures!

This is why I decided to put them in their outfits today...hoping that between today and Sunday morning I might actually be able to get a few decent pictures of them!

I can't help but share some of them!

You can't get any more handsome than this....




Jessalyn of course is at school today...but I will most definitely get pictures of her on Sunday!

A few more cute ones:)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"My Delivery is Coming"...and other stuff.

Its funny how children who are made up of the same DNA can be so completely different! Jessalyn lives to be on stage..performing for anyone who will watch. She will sing, dance..memorize lines..whatever it takes. Its just "in her".

Then there is Ethan. He loves music, loves to sing....but don't ask him to do it on demand, and especially not in front of anyone! We've been trying to get him to do some of the One Voice stuff for a while now but he just doesn't want anything to do with it. Its fine. We don't pressure him and know that this kind of stuff isn't for everybody.

This past Sunday (Palm Sunday) the "Young Adult Worship Team" lead worship. We decided to do the song "My Deliverer" by the late and great Rich Mullins. You know..."my deliverer is coming, my deliverer standing by". We had the kids from children's church come on stage with us and sing that chorus part throughout the song. It actually turned out OK..I think.

Anyway..Ethan is part of children's church and for the first time in his life was WILLING to sing on stage with all the other kids! I was so excited. He was excited too and I think he actually liked it!

So the funny part of this is what we noticed while he was practicing. At home he would sing his little heart out..and would sing this...

"My DELIVERY is coming, my DELIVERY is standing by"

I didn't have the heart to tell him he was singing it wrong..because he was finally willing to do it. I just let him sing it that way:) It is pretty cute. I didn't get any video or pics of Ethan's stage debut :) because I was playing drums and Josh was singing and playing the guitar. I actually didn't even get to see his face because I was behind him:( I heard he looked cute though!

Now whenever I have a package on the way...or am waiting for pizza..I will have this song in my head. other news:) 11 months and 1 week old Owen is starting to walk!!! He is taking more and more steps on his own now. Its still not full blown all the time walking...but he is trying to walk from thing to thing much more often. Even as of yesterday morning he wasn't interested...but something clicked last night and now he's practicing alot! It seems like it has taken him forever to figure this out...since at this age Luke had already been walking for a couple of months! Later walking like this has proven to be MUCH less stressful though. He has so much more control and goes much slower.

Here are some pics...

Friday, March 14, 2008

I have another story...this time its funny (not gross).

I'm going to try hard to explain this, but no matter how hard I try it was definitely one of those "had to be there" moments. Its worth telling the story though...and picture me, telling this story literally "wheezing it" because I'm laughing so hard. That is what it was like for me to tell this story to Josh last night. I couldn't stop crying I was laughing so hard.

We have a Dodge Caravan. We have a handy feature thats called "tailgate seating" where the back seats literally flip over backwards so that you can sit facing the back (like say, at a drive in movie or something). If you need better visualization of this, see this on the tailgate seating link and remember that I have the 2006 version that is very similar but not operated by a cool little button.

I had the three boys in the car and I pulled up to the front of my house to drop my SIL off at her car. I then had to keep going to pick Jessalyn up from school. My house is on a pretty steep hill so at this point we are doing quite a little hill stop (glad I'm not driving a standard).

My van tends to roll back a bit so I knew I had to "gun it" a bit to get going up the hill. As I did that Ethans seat (in the way back) decided it wanted to be in the tailgate position! (remember...I am wheezing here..even as I type this story). I heard a thump of sorts and while looking back to figure out whats going on all I see are Ethans Darth Vader moon boots sticking straight up in the air....(still wheezing)..and Ethan was IN THE TRUNK!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha.

At first it took me a bit to figure out just what was happening. I sat there wondering how the heck that even happened (forgetting that our seats had that option). I then called my SIL back just so she could witness this event..knowing that in telling the story later nobody would believe me! I then got my phone out and was trying to get the camera ready for when I opened the back end of the van. I was too busy laughing at Ethan upside down in the trunk.

This whole time I am dying laughing, Ethan is less than impressed. He was pretty ticked from the beginning (which happens to make me laugh even harder...its terrible). As I'm trying to get a picture he unbuckles his seatbelt and did a backwards roll right out of the van. I was bummed to not get a picture of this before he got out..but I can't blame him for not wanting to pose in that position.

The only thing that would have made the story better is if Ethan had said "coulda done without that" right after it happened (you know, like Chris Farley after he crushed the bench in Tommy Boy).

Just try to picture it...(minus the girls..this is a pic from the Dodge site)...

So, I know everyone is wondering if this is a safety issue with my van. I was worried for a split second, like something might be very wrong with the seats of the van. I then remembered that just before that very car ride the boys had gotten into the van first, while I was getting Owen ready to go. When I got in the van Luke thought it would be funny to 'surprise' me from the trunk of the van. He had climbed over the back row of seats into the trunk. In our van we just have this strap thing that is in the back of the seats that you pull to release the seats and allow them to flip. I am 99.9% sure that Luke must have pulled on this string because when I pushed the seat back up it seemed to latch fine...and I yanked on it with as much force as I could muster and it didn't move an inch.

And of course, I can be glad that it happened like that and that we didn't drive around with an unlatched seat for months or something. And yes, it could have been very dangerous...but it wasn't and that is why I can laugh so hard at this situation!

..come on, laugh with me!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ready for a gross story??

Ack. I still have the heebie-jeebies after this one.

Our usual afternoon schedule involves the boys and I picking Jessalyn up from school. We all pile out of the van...eager for our afternoon snack (yes, I said "our"). I change Owen's diaper and put him in his bed for a nap, and the three "big kids" and I snack away on something usually quite un-healthy.

Today was no least at first. I was in the living room changing Owens diaper while Jessalyn and Luke perused the pantry for something to snack on. Luke decided that he wanted "spicy chips" (a usual Lukie favorite). Jessalyn was helping him and when they opened the bag I heard nothing but shrieks.

Jessalyn and Luke then come running in to the living room. Jessalyn had this look of terror..along with tears and screaming..and proclaimed "theres a rat..or a mouse...something brown and big.....". As I'm finishing the diapering process I was certain that she wasn't over-reacting because she had a genuine look of fear on her face. I tried to get a better story out of her while I talked her down a bit. She told me that the bag was laying in the middle of the kitchen floor and she didn't see the creature run out of the bag.

I headed into the kitchen and from as far away as I could I bent down and peaked into the bag. Sure enough...a little tail...attached to a little mouse. The best part was that it was STILL MOVING. I'm pretty sure it was close to death because I'm sure if it had been a healthy mouse it would have run out of the bag when it had a chance.

The smart thing for me to do would have been to close the bag and throw it outside...but that would have required way more contact with the bag than I was actually up for. I just grabbed the bag..and threw it out on the back porch. Its open. If the mouse is still alive, it will likely crawl out..and then come back in the house. I hope it dies first.

Seriously. I'm still getting goosebumps as I type this.

I'm thinking of all the horrible ways that we could have found that mouse. If they hadn't actually LOOKED in the bag first...who knows how long they could have eaten chips before realizing the mouse was there??? (ACK!!!!!). Or...even worse, they could have reached in the bag and actually grabbed the mouse! Or even worse than all of could have been ME that reached in the bag! I'm quite certain I would have reacted way worse than Jessalyn did.

I'm going to wait till Josh gets home and then make him go through the pantry to get rid of anything that was open at all. I'm pretty sure that most stuff in there is sealed shut...probably a couple other bags of chips got put away without a chip clip.

Now everywhere Jessalyn turns she thinks she's seeing a mouse! I don't blame her. I'm kinda doing the same thing..although I'm trying to hold it together a bit so I don't freak her out even more!

Luke describes it as "a mouse that's a little bit dead". I love that.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


What am I praising the Lord for you might ask?

After 17 painful, torturous YEARS of watching game after game and loss after loss...


I think if you asked anyone from Jr. High and High School to say one word that comes to mind when thinking about Josh they would answer "Celtics". He really is the biggest fan I know. He had fun watching during the 80's when the C's were winning...back in the days of Larry Bird and the like. He never gave up on them. I wanted to give up on them. I wanted to start following a team that was actually FUN to watch...but nooooooo. Josh has watched every game that he possibly could...even through all those years losing.

HE is a fan. THAT is what you call loyal.

I, on the other hand, am a fairweather fan. I admit it. I would never have watched the last 17 years of losing if it wasn't for Josh.

I am glad for him. I'm glad that he can finally fully enjoy watching the games. I think he deserves it. if only we could still get tickets for only $10.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

World of Webkinz (a review)

I have recently been formally introduced to the wonderful world of Webkinz. I have known a bit about Webkinz for a while now...but never really looked into it farther. Apparently, its the "thing to do" if you are an elementary student. Jessalyn has been asking for one for a few weeks and I finally went ahead and got her one...and just because they are so cute I got one for Ethan and Luke as well.

We have now had a chance to play around in each of their little worlds. You start out adopting your pet, by using the code that is given to you on their tag. You get to name it and get a little birth certificate...with a birthday. (the kids think this is really cool) You also get a chunk of "kinz cash" to get you going.

You then get to set up the pets room. You use your kinzcash to buy the items you want to see in your room and then get to set it up as you please. You can deck out the room with all sorts of cool little items.

Of course, you start running out of cash pretty quickly so you then have to play games or answer trivia questions to earn more money. There are tons of games to choose from.

You also must feed your pet. It has a meter that lets you know how hungry and happy he or she is. I'm not sure what happens if you don't feed your pet...we haven't let that happen yet.

Although I like most of the stuff on this site there is one meter that I don't really like as much. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is one meter that rates how happy your pet is. I think the more you buy for your pet the happier it gets. We had to explain to Jessalyn right away that in real life we shouldn't love someone according to how much they buy us!

These little pets have proven to be a great source of entertainment for my kids...if only they each had their own computer so they wouldn't have to fight over "webkinz time". Of course, I tend to get a little worried when Jessalyn proclaims "I NEED to use the computer..because I HAVE to feed my webkinz" in this very desperate tone. (I don't know...I think she might have gotten this from me..."I NEED to check my messages...".

Is it wrong of me to want my own webkinz pet? I get to help Luke with his...but he wants to set up his room like a typical three year old would:) I suppose I will have to settle playing with the three that live in our house..

"Suzie" (Jessalyn's dalmation..named after my Aunt Susie)
"Zach" (Ethan's bull dog...named after Zach from the Wii game "Zach and Wiki")
"Yoube" (Luke's frog...I think he got the name from that show on Noggin)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Super Hero hair.

Jessalyn was playing "Super Heroes" with her brothers and decided that she needed to do something with her hair to make her fit the part better. She is usually pretty crafty with her hair...but I thought this particular time was quite good!