Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunday Schmunday

Even though I feel completely alone on this subject, I feel like there HAS to be at least a few others who agree with me here.

Why do we continue to send our kid to school events/practices (mandatory or not) on Sundays??

I know, I know...the majority of families in the community do not attend Church on Sunday morning, but regardless of that, I feel like EVERY family needs a day with nothing scheduled. We all need a day to be a family. This 'family time' looks different for each family. For us, it looks something like this: Church and Sunday School in the AM, usually Subway for lunch (if my kids have any say in it) followed by something we do as a family in the afternoon (this time of year it's relaxing, watching football), sometimes popcorn for dinner, America's Funniest Home Video's in the evening..then bedtime. Nothing 'special', yet we are all together getting refreshed, relaxing and getting ready to start another crazy busy week of piecing together the scheduling puzzles.

Trust me, I am competitive. I have been a part of sports teams my whole life. I played on a basketball team in high school that got together every morning BEFORE school (not mandatory) to play basketball ALL SCHOOL YEAR LONG. WMRHS was serious about it's sports. We competed well, most often making it to the tournaments at the end and occasionally winning them. At first, it was a normal thing to see practices on Sunday....but then a few parents started to stand up to this, refusing to send the kids. It didn't take long for this concept to trickle through other parents and soon enough the school board banned any activities on Sunday. You know what? We still were often ranked at the top of the other schools in our class (which happens to be the same class as Inter-Lakes).

As a basketball coach for the 3rd and 4th grade girls I understand (trust me I do!) the feeling of needing more practice time. Like I said, I am competitive...but really really feeling strongly that we don't need that extra practice time to be on Sunday. Not just because of my own family but for the sake of every other family out there!

It seems that more and more activities are being planned for Sunday. These practices are never mandatory...but, I've been a part of sports teams long enough to know that whether you show up at a mandatory practice or not really does play a big role in your place on a team...whether the coach means to do this or not. I would like my kids to take being on a team seriously and very much encourage as much participation (mandatory or not) as possible. I also want to encourage them to take our family seriously as well. I would like them to see the priorities here.

I don't blame the coordinators of these events. I am VERY grateful for the people who step up do their best to keep these different leagues running and although I haven't experienced it myself can only imagine the work and the headache that this involvement provides. I know that by scheduling things like this that they are only trying to make everyone happy. Sometimes I wonder if it is one big misunderstanding and miscommunication...and I wonder if everyone is just jumping into the flow of the water and just 'going' with it. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if all of the parents were actually honest with one another...I wonder if everyone would agree that we all need a day. Just. One. Day to catch our breath, relax, recharge and gear up for the week ahead of us. I know for sure I need this day. I also know for sure that my kids NEED this day. I think every family needs THIS DAY. A day without running around in three different places. Those of us with multiple kids in multiple activities can understand this.

I wonder if scheduling stuff on Sunday is something that we are doing because everyone thinks that this is what everyone else wants?

Or maybe, like I said, I am completely alone with this? Maybe I'm the only one? I would really love some response here just so I can stop wondering:) Regardless of who agree's with me, we will continue as a family to keep Sunday our day of relaxation. At the same time, if I am met with others who agree with me, maybe we can work together to change this?! I know it can be done..I've watched it happen before.

Again, I can't stress enough that I don't 'blame' anyone for this type of scheduling. I am so glad to be a part of a community who has great programs for the kids and am happy to have my kids involved. I know that the coaches mean well and are just trying to do their best to teach our kids. I also understand that there are times when a Sunday event has to happen (tournaments, rain dates etc)...but it seems as though more and more is getting scheduled every day of the week and I know I need just one day to be home with my family all together, in one place! I want to bet that the Coaches wouldn't really complain THAT much if none of the teams were allowed to practice on a would probably mean an actual day off for them!

Anyone else??
*crickets*chirp*chirp* :)
You can be honest..calling me crazy won't hurt my feelings!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Miah and I hit a bunch of my favorite locations for this senior session..but it wasn't long before he caught on to the 'type' of location that I look for. He was helpful in giving suggestions and ideas and spotting out cool places for pics!

The full album is in the 'teen' gallery of my website.

A highly anticipated Christmas gift!

My sister in law is expecting her first baby due on Christmas Eve! The whole family as anxiously awaiting this little baby girl. This baby girl makes grandchild number TEN on our side of the family and grandchild number ONE on the other side.

Shara couldn't be more 'perfectly pregnant' at this point so we took the opportunity to capture this time as best we could.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Szostak Wedding!

Ashley and Alicia have been friends since childhood. They grew up together in the same small church. It wasn't until their later teens/early twenties that they realized that they were meant to be together. They both decided that they wanted to have a small wedding in the Church that meant so much to both of them. It was a beautiful day.

I feel privileged to have been a part of this day. I haven't known either family for long, but both families have known Josh for a very long time. You see, this Church means a lot to Josh as well. It is the Church that his mom grew up in, and also the Church that his dad pastored for many years. We have known Ashley and Alicia for a few years and were glad to have been there with them on this very special day!

I also had the opportunity to team up with Karole-Ann as we tag teamed the photography! She got some beautiful shots that you can see on her website HERE

There were many photo's taken this day, but I compiled them into a story board form for blogging purposes! The album is, of course, on my website.

It is always a good time with the Patterson/Szostak families...even boutonniere pinning was fun!

If you ever need a professional flower girl, hire this one! She was GREAT! She walked perfectly slow and dropped each petal one by one:)

This is Grammy Goodwin. She is the COOLEST lady ever...although, she has a crush on my husband:) She's threatened to fight me for him and to be honest, I wouldn't mess with her!

There seem to be hooligans at every wedding...