Friday, June 29, 2012

More blogging/Less facebook?

I really had considered taking a complete sabbatical from facebook for the summer, but honestly, I think I would really miss updates from my facebook friends:)  I do feel like I spend a lot of time posting all 142 pis that I took on any particular day...and my reasoning is so that I have them archived somewhere other than my computer.  It is handy to be able to look back by month on facebook and find albums of pics quickly and easily.  But...sometimes there are times when I feel like I'm just "throwing up" pics...rather than sharing things with the stories that come along with them.

So, I think I've come to the conclusion that I will not completely give up facebook for the summer but really focus on sharing pics on the blog...which is actually more time consuming in the long run, but yet a better way to journal along side of them.

Of course, this will likely mean a picture overload here on my blog:)

We are nearing the end of our first week of camp.  Sports and Music Camp has been awesome.  The kids and I have been happy to meet some new friends...and get reacquainted with some old ones!  This camp is growing by leaps and bounds...and I'm not talking about the campers!  The staff and their families are mulitplying quickly and there are a ton of little kids running around here.  It's great fun to watch and fun for the kids.  It seems that most of the kids are around the same age as Owen or younger and he has been loving life.

I have been bad about taking pics here on the campground but I hope to get some pics of the boys and their new friends soon!

In the's a little glimpse of the last couple of days.

Truett enjoying the mud at the lake at the Bay.  I wasn't planning to let him play in the water...which is why he is not in a bathing suit...but he crawled his way right there and enjoyed eating leaves and playing in the mud.

I have had great fun getting to know Corey and Erica a little better.  We have very much enjoyed Corey's messages each evening.  I can't wait to get down to their area to visit and hear him preach some more.  Their kids are precious...well behaved and tons of fun.  Owen and Isaiah get along super well and just seemed to become instant buddies.  Actually...Owen and Adara have an equally as good time playing together.  Malachi is a sweet little guy too.


Malachi and Adara

The "break day" for the campers was spent at Ellacoya..which is a one of Winnipesaukee's beaches.

Jake and Emma..with the Mt. Wash in the background.

Truett was sleeping when we got there but was quite happy to wake up and find himself on the beach!

Owen's got a beachbody:)

Truett likes playing in the sand.

Don't poop on me!

Jake and Emma

Jessalyn and Liz

Happy Tru


Daddy is covering Truetts toes with sand....Tru thinks this is interesting.

A little football on the beach


Jessalyn and Liz worked on a sand castle

Emma found her way to the top of this sand mountain..she was quite proud

Emma decided to slide down the hill...into the hole.  Both Shara and I were a little concerned for a second, not knowing exactly how deep this hole was!  It ended up being ok:)



There's Emma in the hole!

Don't poop on me.

Owen has had quite the growth spurt...and by that I mean growing tall.  These shorts fit him fine last summer...but this summer I think his waist has actually gotten smaller.  Poor was nothing but crack all day.  "N.O. on the coin slot buddy"

The boys decided to make Emma a "pool" in the hole.  She LOVED it....played in it for a long time.  It was messy.  She liked to drink this water too:)

A buried camper

Shara and Emma...and baby boy:)

Jessalyn and Liz's creation.

Some teens are great with kids:)

Love these two boys:)

The finished sand castle lets crush it!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spam camp (1st half)

It's Wednesday of our first week of many camps this summer.  Sports and Music Camp is nice and close to home which is handy.  Josh is leading the worship here this week as well as being a part of many of the camper activities.  I, on the other hand, don't have a single responsibility (outside of my own kids) and am really enjoying this time to majorly relax.

One of the many great things about camps in the summer is that all three meals are provided for our I have ZERO cooking responsibilities.  Also, it seems that all of the camps we are involved in have great food!

My days so far this week have consisted of waking up, doing INSANITY (which I am LOVING), going to breakfast with the fam, coming back to our amazing lodging building and relaxing for a bit....LOTS of softball throwing/catching, football throwing/catching and basketball shooting:)  The weather has actually not been the greatest for the beginning of this week.  Lots of rain on Monday.  Tuesday wasn't as rainy but not sunny at all and not super warm.  Today is looking to be another day of cloudiness and chilly weather...but the rest of the week is looking warmer and sunnier.  Tomorrow is a beach day for sure.

I have enjoyed getting to know some of the wives and kids of the other SPAM camp staff.  My kids (especially Owen) have made lots of new friends here, as most of the other kids are under age 6!

Jessalyn has recently been interested in learning to pitch.  After a little studying on youtube we have a pretty basic idea of the "tricks of the trade" and she is eagerly pitching a gazillion pitches a day...with me as her catcher.  She is doing very well.  Her improvement from day one to day two has been significant, so we are eager to see how she improves if she continues to work on this.  I have a giant bruise on my shin to prove that her pitches are getting faster....and to prove that I'm not a great catcher:)

The boys have become friends with the speaker (Pastor Corey) who is an avid "free runner".  He has had fun teaching my boys some new moves as they are always trying to find new ways to make the playground unsafe!  Luke has blisters on his hands from all of his climbing and Ethan has been working on jumping everything in sight.

Truett is enjoying his time hanging out in the midst of everything else going on.  He's such an easy going guy and is good with being just about anywhere.  He's sleeping well even though he's cutting another tooth.  He's very close to walking and is getting a lot of practice in while we are here.

I have been a bad photographer and my camera has not even been taken out of the bag yet!  I will plan to do that today to try to get some pics of our time here.

After this week we will have a few days at home then we are off to the next camp!

Loving this summer already.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Super Bowl Champs and P90X

So the flag football team that I've been playing on went undefeated the entire season and went on to win the  Super Bowl!  It really sounds pretty silly, but really, the women on our team worked really hard and learned a TON in a short amount of time to make this happen.  We all had SO much fun and can't wait for the next season to start up again.  I made some great new friends and absolutely loved playing each week.

Towards the middle of the season we all settled into pretty regular positions on both offense and defense.  I was happy and comfortable playing the QB position.

Every now and then we would run a play that would have me handing it off to someone else faking a run...then they would pass it.  I didn't catch this ball...I had it...then got bumped:)

The Stingers!  Love these ladies!  ...oh..and Matt and Ken our coaches:)

Also, I just finished 90 days of P90X!  I feel great and LOVED doing it.  I am moving on now to more p90x stuff...and started INSANITY today.  Let's just say it's INSANE!!  Crazy..just crazy...but awesome.  I'm feeling it already.

And..Jessalyn is continuing in softball with another first place trophy at another weekend tourney.

We are headed to play another tourney this weekend and then will be at Sports and Music Camp all week!  It's the beginnings of what I expect to be an awesome and crazy summer!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Football, football and more football....oh and Softball:)

This has been an intense season!  Ethan, Luke and Owen are all on different football teams, Jessalyn is on a softball team and I am playing on a women's flag football team as well!  It is coming to an end though as the boys football is over and we only have one more night of the women's league (sadly).  Jessalyn is continuing with all-star softball until we are away in July.  As much as we enjoy the sports seasons, it is nice to have a few nights a week when we can sit and eat dinner without rushing out to be somewhere else.  

We are looking forward to finishing up the school year and spending more time at the beach and then eventually at camp!  

Jessalyn and her 12U softball team winning 1st place at a tourney in Newfound.

Owen with part of his team at awards night for football at Meadowbrook.  

Luke with his team at awards night.

Ethan with his team at awards night.

Owen was very excited to get his very first medal!  He already had a place in his room ready to hang it when he got home!

Everyone eats their medals, right?

There has been a lot of trumpet/french horn playing for Jessalyn as well.  She got to march in the Memorial Day parade (playing trumpet), play on the Mt. Washington boat (french horn),  play the Star Spangled Banner at a Fisher Cats game and sing the National Anthem (with chorus) at a Monarchs game!  

I've been very much enjoying the QB roll on my flag football team!  It's a night of the week that I look forward to!   I LOVE playing football:)  Oh, and we are undefeated so far.  Tourney night is next week...hoping to win the super bowl.