Sunday, August 5, 2012

Playing Catch Up

We've made it through the busiest part of summer.  Between the last week of June and now, I have spent FIVE weeks away from home!  It has been a crazy summer for sure but most definitely an awesome one.  

We finished up our time at Mechanic Falls with a week of Camp MACC.  We had yet another great week there.  Josh was the Bible teacher for the week as well as helping to lead worship and helping to coordinate whenever he could.  The campers were awesome, the staff was awesome, the week was awesome.  The kids were very sad to have to leave camp after living there for 3 straight weeks.  We left knowing that we were moving right onto 5 days at Soulfest...and knowing that we will come back to camp at least one more time this summer.  

We came home with 2 days to unpack and repack and then we were headed off to Soulfest.  These two days were not spent without some "Nana time" though:)  The kids were able to spend the the kids and Nana some much needed time together.  This also gave me some time to rethink and regather to get ready for another week away.  Owen was sick during this time at Nanas...with a fever and sore throat.  

We got to Soulfest on Tuesday and set up our tent and had a nice afternoon with the excitement of all the concerts coming that week.  Unfortunately, Truett developed a fever almost instantly on Tuesday evening and spent the night battling that.  He slept through it mostly, but I didn't sleep well trying to keep him cool during the night.  He woke up on the morning of his first birthday with a fever and feeling miserable.  Poor guy.  He spent the day with a fever and serious excessive drooling.  By the evening he seemed a little better and by the next morning was feeling back to normal.  The drooling lasted a good couple days though!  

We did give him his birthday gifts even though he was sicky.  He loves his stacking toy and his new friend "Scout"...who says Truett's name:)  

The "Soulfest Fever" (as we like to call it) made its rounds...hitting Ethan next, then Jessalyn and then Luke.  It made for a difficult time there for sure.  I'm trying to figure out if it's camping with 5 kids that put me over the edge, or the 95 degree heat, or the fact that someone was sick every day or the fact that I ripped a contact and didn't have a replacement, or the fact that we had just come off from 4 weeks away from home...but honestly, this was the most difficult Soulfest to date.   The kids were great and even when they were sick they wanted to be there.  The concerts were awesome and the weather was perfect considering it didn't rain at all...which is unheard of.  Our camp site was awesome as well.  I guess it was just a combination of things...but I'll be the first to say that I'm SOOOO glad to be home!  

I did more picture taking with  my phone than with my actual camera....but I'll share a bunch from both.  

The kids and I had fun finding letters with things at camp to spell their names.  I haven't finished each kid yet, but I think I want one of these for each of them...but using all letters from camp.  Then I want to frame them to hang in our cottage.  




Tired boys on the way home from camp.  Jessalyn wanted to ride in the van with the teenagers:)

Truett and Luke.  Tru's last day of his first year:)

All packed...not including the double stroller, chairs, tent, easy up tent....yikes.

"hotel Brownifornia"

Camp's all set up...time to relax.

Good morning birthday boy!  ...sicky boy:(

Some slapjack

Somebody stole my chair!

Just reminiscing:)
Tru's first day and first bday!

Tru at Soulfest 4 days old and a year later


Me and my boys

Sick Luke

Sick Jessalyn

Tired Owen

More sick cold wash clothes on the head were helpful to fevers in 95 degrees.

Bathtime for the boys!

Playing with cousin Zach.

Sleeping through Lecrae!

Cupcakes for everyone to celebrate Truett's birthday.

Tru opening his gifts from us...

He loves this stacker toy

Ooohh..what's this??

It's Scout!

But I think I like this toy better:)

Owen saying "listen Tru..he say's your name!!"...and Tru saying "but this little yellow ball rattles!"

Did that dog just say my name??...weird.

A drooling feverish mess.

Trying to have fun.

Owen likes it too.

Nana came over when we got home to give Truett a present from her.  This sweet new shiny red radio flyer bike!  He loves it.

That just about sums up what we've been up to:)  After posting all of those pics, I'm too tired to proof read it is what it is:)  Typos and all.