Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random thoughts.

The other night Owen had some American Chopped Suey (otherwise known as "scutteremupthehill" if you're from Whitefield). He made such a mess of himself that I had to get out the camera and as I was taking his picture I was reminded of a similar instance with "scutteremupthehill" when Luke was exactly his age. I searched the picture and thought I would share them both.


Luke..(try to ignore the redeye)


Yesterday I went through my dresser..and Jessalyn's dresser to get rid of some clothes. I hate it when I fold laundry and go to put it away but the dressers are full already. Drives me nuts. I went through and got ride of tons of stuff. Some of it is my size..but since I never wear it I figure theres no reason to keep it. Same for Jessalyn. She is particular about what she wears so I just bagged up stuff that she hasn't worn for a while. I am much happier now. I also went through Owen's dresser to box up the stuff that he has grown out of.

I have been in a constant debate with myself on whether or not to get rid of his clothes too. I am pretty sure that we are not having another baby...but at the same time I've done that TWO times now. I've given away the baby clothes only to get pregnant a few months later..and then have to scrounge for stuff when the baby is born. Right now its all in a tote...not at the clothing center. I asked Josh this morning if I should get rid of it. His answer was "I don't know". I should just get rid of it..because if I happened to get pregnant again I would HAVE to have another girl anyway!

So then I was looking for the picture of Luke covered with scutteremupthehill and the boys wanted me to go through a bunch of the old pictures. We looked through months and months of old pictures...of when Ethan was Owens age and Luke was in my belly. Ugh..that didn't help me with my decision to throw out clothes. Luke had fun telling me about how he remembers being in my belly:) Luke has been on a kick of telling me "we need to put a baby dirl in your belly so Owen will have a friend to play with". He tells me this daily. I keep reminding him that he can be Owens friend!

More random thoughts...

Have I mentioned Mario Kart Wii yet?? We've had this game for a while now..since the day it came out...and its awesome! The kids LOVE it..and are pretty good at it. Its just as fun for the adults. I have nothing but good reviews for this game. You can buy the game with the steering wheel..but you have to get an extra because its just not as fun without it.

Instant entertainment. Ethan figured out how to play other people "around the world". Funny.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day

After returning from our weekend away we were happy to be able to spend Monday with the fam celebrating Memorial Day. It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun. I took way too many pictures. The day started out at the Parade in town. The usual walk to the Library...Papa parade...head to the docks to watch more of the parade...then walk around the craft fair...then head home. We had a nice lunch and then went to the beach. The water was way too cold for most of us..but the kids weren't afraid! It was a nice time to just relax and enjoy the day. We then headed home and had a nice BBQ with more friends.

It will be hard, but I will try to choose only a few pictures to share!

The fam at the parade. The only thing missing is the Keniston family:(..


Ethan and Luke..


Off the tree's, off the the hoop. At the BBQ that night the boys were having some dangerous fun shooting the basketball off the porch roof..trying to bounce it off the garage into the hoop. Jake, Josh and Aaron were all successful with this..and were quite proud of themselves. I made it clear that I was not encouraging this behavior!

(You can see Aaron on the roof from this picture)

In this picture you can see the roof that they are standing the right...and the garage that they are bouncing the ball off from. Silly boys.

We then had a campfire and made s'mores...gave baths, put kids to bed and watched the Celtics. Lets just say I hope they have a better outcome tonight. They will.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


We are back from our little weekend getaway. We had an AWESOME time. It has been so long since we've done anything like that..just the two of us. In re-telling the events of the weekend it comes out sounding rather boring...but we both had the time of our lives.

Long story short...we spent quite a long time in Freeport at the LLBean store (the big one). Its amazing. I got great deals on sandals for all the kids and a few other little things there. We then headed to Portland looking for Guitar Center...and ended up running into this AMAZING store called "The Drum Shop". Oh my goodness. Drummer heaven. I could have spent all day there. I had fun playing on a bunch of electronic sets..because we hope to be able to get one for the church very soon. We are now much more educated and know exactly what we want. Josh had just as much fun there as I did. He talked to the guys about all the details..pricing..etc, and I got to sit down with headphones on and bang away like crazy. LOVED IT.

We then headed in the right direction (thanks to Heath and his wonderful directions and perfect landmark...the ginormous inflatable cell phone) and found Guitar Center. This is a great store..but in no way was as cool as the Drum Shop. It was good though. We had fun shopping around and playing around with different instruments and sound equipment and stuff.

While I was playing the drums at the Drum Shop we got chatting with the salesman. We mentioned we were away on our 10 year anniversary and he pointed out that playing around in a drum store would be exactly his idea of fun for something like that...but his wife would never go for it. This is an example of why I love my marriage. Both Josh and I were perfectly happy with the stuff we had been doing.

Later on that day we went to a Cinnemagic and saw the Indiana Jones movie. It was pretty good. We both had a nice time there.

We also spent lots of time eating...we were given a gift certificate to the Bull and Claw and ate out at a bunch of other cool places. We watched the Celtics win:) We walked on the beaches of Ogunquit. All in all it was VERY relaxing. We had fun...doing nothing...and not planning anything.

We took some pictures...

..and excuse the look of the blog these days. I'm in the middle of remodeling:)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ten more things...

Lately I've been noticing how many 'staple' items in our house were given to us on our wedding day. We got married when we were both 20 years old. We had nothing of our own and we were very blessed by the gifts we received for our wedding.

Ten things that are used on an almost daily basis...and have lasted 10 years!


My wonderful aunt Peggy out did herself for our wedding. I remember getting a big tote full of random kitchen items. Pots and pans, serving spoons...etc etc. Right from the start she claimed the fact that it was all pretty inexpensive stuff...but she knew that we didn't care! We were happy that we now had something to cook with. We used most of that tote exclusively for years...and slowly replaced some of it as necessary. I swear this to be true...I think of Peggy every time I stir my pasta with this "pasta stirrer" and every time I scoop out tomato soup with this ladle. I laugh to think that these flimsy plastic utensils have survived use after use!


This utensil holder thingy has had a permanent home on every stove that we have had. It is another plastic utensil that came from the 'Aunt Peggy Tote'. Another item that is used on a daily basis..and as you can see is coming close to needing a replacement. I'm at the point now that since it has such character..I might not want to replace it. The most recent meltdown (which happens to be the bigger one) happened when my awesome friend Lacy was cooking dinner at my house. She was feeling SO badly that she melted the thing..and I had to explain the story behind it and assured her that it was OK. She insists on getting us a new one some day...I assured her that it wasn't necessary:)


Ahhh...the apple napkin holder. You will most likely find this napkin holder sitting out with NO napkins in it. Yet another wedding gift that has stood the test of time.


This picture has been hung proudly in every home we have lived in. I believe it came from the McCullen family (from Whitefield). I don't know what it is...but it doesn't feel like home to me until I have this picture hanging somewhere. Its usually one of the first things I do!


We were given two sets of these exact plates/mugs...from two different people. I think somebody knew that we were gonna need more than a set of 4 at some point in our lives! It was quite handy that they got us the same ones! I am 99% sure that we have not broken one plate, saucer or mug from this set!


The Pampered Chef wooden spoon. I have many wooden spoons..but this one is by far the best one. Its best for stirring, serving...and spanking when necessary.


A mug from the bank where we got our first bank account. I haven't saved this mug for any sentimental reasons...its just a GREAT mug.


Yes. Yes. Towels. I can't be sure that ALL of the towels in this picture were from our wedding day..although, I do know that they very top one did! Gross. I know. Maybe Josh and I should treat ourselves to new bath towels??


(picture from the daewoo website..not the actual tv)
This item does not live with us anymore...but is currently residing at Kirsten and Shara's apartment. This tv was another gift from my Aunt Peggy. Josh and I had never heard of Daewoo before...but were thrilled to have a tv! Apon arrival to our apartment after our honeymoon we were working on setting up our entertainment center. The tv was sitting on "swivel chair" (a chair that we no longer have..sadly). I don't know what happened exactly, but the tv took a nose dive onto the floor. We were devastated at first thinking that we busted our brand new tv..before ever even turning it on. Well..sure enough, the Daewoo was built to last because it worked fine after that and is to this day still kickin'. It has a little dent in it..but thats all. That tv was replaced by a few others over the years...and ultimately replaced by the 42 inch plasma.


You've all seen this picture here before...but again, another constant in every house we have lived in.

I think this wall hanging says it all:)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This coming Friday is our TENTH wedding anniversary. I have to specify 'wedding' anniversary because we still celebrate our "dating" we get two anniversary's each year!

We figure number ten is a pretty significant one. Its funny because, although I can't believe that its been ten years already, its no surprise to us that we have made it this far. I think many people celebrating milestone anniversary's are proud of themselves for making it as long as they have. There honestly hasn't been one single moment where I questioned our marriage..and questioned the fact that we will be together for as long as we are both still alive!

Our lives are not even close to what I imagined them like when we first got married. I am NO way disappointed with how things are now, but when I look at where we are now there are many things that I would have never expected ten years ago.

Since the theme is "10" here..I will list 10 things that I would have never expected when we first got married...


I think it goes without saying...I would have never pictured myself a mother of FOUR kids! I didn't even like babies when we got married:)

2. I would have never imagined that Josh would be an Elder of a church..and I'm pretty sure we outright said that we would never be youth leaders! ha ha

3. I never would have expected that my dad wouldn't be around to meet any of my children:( (He started feeling sick exactly a week after walking me down the isle..turned out it was cancer and he died 6 months later)

4. When we first got married I was sure that at some point we would own and be living in the house that I grew up in...

5. I never thought that we would be living in Meredith..and sending our kids to INTERLAKES of all places!!! (Interlakes..kind of a rival with White Mountains back in our day)

6. Although it was something I have always loved, I never would have thought that I would get to play the drums live every single week!

7. I would have never imagined Josh working on oil/propane trucks.

8. I would never have imagined myself at 30 years old with such an AWESOME, FUN group of friends!

9. I definitely would have never guessed that I would be 30 pounds heavier now than the day I got married...and that I would have lost 90% of my athletic ability.

10. I did not expect that 10 years later the CELTICS would be in the playoffs!!!!!

Although I never questioned the fact that I would be happy in my marriage...I would have never guessed that I would be THIS happy!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

First Grade Research Fair.

Jessalyn's first grade class has been hard at work for the past 6 weeks or so working on their first research projects. Jessalyn chose rabbits to study and she had a ton of fun coming home telling us all about what she learned. Today was the big day...when parents and relatives could go into the classroom and check out the projects. Daddy even got to get out of work for a bit to come see her and her project. It was fun to see her excitement as she shared her work with us...and with all the other people who stopped by at her 'station'.

The boys and I had a great time learning all about all sorts of things. Ethan led us around the classroom choosing which topic to learn about next. It was interesting to see the difference that gender makes on the selection of topics...

We learned about rabbits, butterflies, horses, dogs, spiders, frogs, snakes, bmx bikes, dirt bikes...and many more!

This is Jessalyn presenting her project to her family...

...and her brothers listening carefully!

Then Dr. Kelley (the principal) came to her station too:)

Then her friends little sisters came over for a visit...

Here is a picture of the boys learning all about horses from Hailey!

We all had a great time:)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jessalyn's turn!!

I got the call today at around noon that Jessalyn was throwing up in the nurses office. Poor girl. Fortunately, I am sure that this will only be a short stomach bug...atleast if it follows the pattern of Owen and Luke. Both boys are feeling perfectly fine I'm thinking Jessalyn will be better by tomorrow afternoon.

I had a touch of it last night I think. I did ward off the pukies..but was definitely NOT feeling well. That leaves Ethan. Ethan seems to always be the last to get stuff and actually is the one that can get away from it completely. Lets hope that this was one of those occasions.

When Josh was in Mexico he did a wonderful job journaling about their daily life there. He was so sweet and wrote his journal in the form of a letter to reminded me of the days way back when we used to write notes to each other on a regular basis. (I still have ALL of those notes by the way!)

He made a point during his journaling to tell me about how each day the Missionary that is in charge of that area and in charge of the "99 plus 1" ministry would ask them "Where did you see God today?". Asking ourselves this question on a daily basis is a wonderful idea!

I think that it would be easy to find an answer each day. In fact, I think it would be hard to come up with ONLY one...but I would like to make a habit of asking myself this question...and I would like to ask each of my kids this question every day as well. I think their answers will be quite interesting!

So this week has not exactly been an easy week. Don't get me hasn't been horrible..nothing traumatic has happend overall we've been fine, but there have been a list of things that need to get done before heading to the BICS commencement tomorrow on top of the usual daily stuff, the fact that the husband is away and add to it sick kids, I had started to feel a tad bit overwhelmed.

So where have I seen God this week??

Man, its so easy. To make the list short I will just say that MANY tasks that were at first going to be complicated were made MUCH easier for me. I was able to get a guy to come straight to my driveway to replace our broken windshield (so I can get it inspected before we leave tomorrow). At first this was going to be a task that included me dragging all the kids to a windshield place and waiting 3 hours while the job gets done and while the glue sets. I was SO happy to find someone who could come do it at home..during a convenient time. (it was also quite an interesting thing to watch. The boys had fun!).

Most of the time I am able to see God using people to help me. For example..Papa coming up here today while I go get Jessalyn from school so that I didn't have to wake Owen up from his nap and drag all the boys out. Or like Sister in Law's who listen to me vent and who bring ice cream and make "dream cones" in the evening. A mother who I can call eleventy-billion times a day for whatever the heck I want, A mother in law who comes up to check on us to be sure we don't need anything. That little list was JUST family...nevermind the list of those who offer their help to me everyday and who I know I could call any time.

I know that even when Josh is gone I am not even close to being alone! And trust me...when contemplating having another baby before getting pregnant with Owen I did it knowing full well that I have PLENTY of help and plenty of people who LOVE to help! If it wasn't for that I would definitely not be a mother of four. (of course, these are the very same people who are trying to get us to go for #5!!! tee hee)

Where else have I seen god this week??'s a good one...

Three puking kids and not ONE bit of throw up on my couches. Beds and cars yes...but NOT couches!! PTL

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sick bay.

I remember back in the Whitefield days. Josh has a big family..and like most big families when one gets sick it tends to spread quickly until most of the family is sick. The living room of the Whitefield Parsonage was often given the name "Sick Bay" because at times upon entering the room you would find all the couches and chairs covered with sickies. (and yes...for some reason we like to name rooms and furniture...its normal. really.)

So in the recent days of my own family we find ourselves having our very own "Sick Bay". Unfortunately, my living room is resembling that today. I posted the other day that Owen had been sick all night Sunday but seemed better on Monday. Well...yesterday and today he is acting even more sick then when he was actually throwing up. He is feverish today and just super cuddly.

Of course, Luke didn't want to miss out on the fun so he decided it was his turn to throw up all night last night and started this pattern like every three year old MY bed. Fun times. Then he had one last hoorah in the car this morning as we were driving Jessalyn to school. Even more fun.

So, out comes we we call "Sickie Mattress" (see, here we go again with names). I have this mattress that is kept under Ethans bed..that we use when anyone gets sick. Kids like to sleep with parents when they are it just makes sense to pull out a mattress and put it on the floor in the living room. This way I can be sort of separated from the other kids and hope that we can minimize the spreading. I cover the Sickie Mattress with towels to avoid getting any sickie oozing (from whichever crevice they might be oozing from) on the mattress itself. Its actually a pretty decent system. Also, the kids are comforted for some reason by laying on Sickie Mattress.

I have now spent two out of the last three nights with a pukie kid on Sickie Mattress.

Along with all of this we are hoping to get to the Berkshires on Friday for the BICS reunion and for Joel's graduation on Saturday. It will take ALOT for us to miss this...but there is definitely 'something' working against us this week trying to make it so we don't make it there. Things are not exactly going smoothly for Josh in Matawaska...and there is a chance the he won't make it home in time at all. This would be sad:( He may have to leave at like 3am on Friday arrive here in time to jump in the van and drive another 3.5 hours. He is totally willing to do this...he's excited about the weekend. He is doing everything he can to get the work done that needs to be done...working 12/13 hour days and trying to get the other guys to work more than that (unsuccessfully). Two days, 4 trucks.."double pumpers" which essentially means 8 trucks.

Between that work stuff...and Sick Bay...who knows what will happen this weekend. Please pray with me that it all works out fine and that we end up where we need to be this weekend! Also pray with me that either one of two things happen....1. The sickies stay away from Jessalyn and Ethan (and ME!)...or 2. That if the sickies are going to get us all that it happens and is over with by Friday! And of course, pray that a miracle happens in the middle of nowhere Maine:)

And I just have to share this picture.

"When good Light Sabers go bad"

Yup. One of the Light Sabers is having issues and randomly likes to pop out. These things have some "force" (Jedi force of course) and while walking around with it Luke "put his eye out" (or almost did!).

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bad blogger.

It seems that I have neglected my blog for the last few days. I have excuses...but they aren't very good ones. I suppose the main issue is that my internet is giving me some trouble and I don't have patience for it. I admit it....I tend to be an 'instant gratification' kind of person, especially when it comes to the internet. I have a call in to Metrocast to switch back to cable service. We really hesitated on doing this and have been putting it off for quite some time because I hate to switch my email address again..but it has to be done. Hopefully I will be able to snag the same thing..except at Metrocast instead of Verizon.

Along with that...things like normal daily life have been getting in the way of blogging. (I dare they!) Nothing overly exciting...lets see...

I spent the night last night (Sunday) with Owen throwing up every half hour. That was fun. Poor guy. He seems fine today. Then I spent the entire day today scouring the house in hopes to not spread whatever little bug he happened to have. It was good...I got the entire 1st floor swept and mopped and vacuumed...dusted...etc. Then it got mopped again because the boys love to take turns with a wet mop!

Then this afternoon was Ethan's first day of T-ball! He was SO excited and did so well. Its funny...Jessalyn is our 'outgoing' kid, but the first day of every sport she has played has been torture for her. She gets so nervous and cries and cries. I have to force her out on the field/court...where she finally settles down and realizes she loves it.

Ethan on the other hand wasn't nervous at all. He ran right out there sporting his purple uniform t-shirt and hat. He did everything that was asked of him with zeal! He LOVED it and did way better than I expected. I am excited for him.

Some pictures of course:)

Almost caught it!

Practicing base running. As they rounded each base they were supposed to YELL which they were passed ("FIRST BASE!!!"..etc). He was too cute and yelled very loudly each time!

Waiting for his turn to bat.

A few good swings...

Running the bases....


Jessalyn's turn tomorrow! She's excited too.