Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jessalyn's turn!!

I got the call today at around noon that Jessalyn was throwing up in the nurses office. Poor girl. Fortunately, I am sure that this will only be a short stomach bug...atleast if it follows the pattern of Owen and Luke. Both boys are feeling perfectly fine I'm thinking Jessalyn will be better by tomorrow afternoon.

I had a touch of it last night I think. I did ward off the pukies..but was definitely NOT feeling well. That leaves Ethan. Ethan seems to always be the last to get stuff and actually is the one that can get away from it completely. Lets hope that this was one of those occasions.

When Josh was in Mexico he did a wonderful job journaling about their daily life there. He was so sweet and wrote his journal in the form of a letter to reminded me of the days way back when we used to write notes to each other on a regular basis. (I still have ALL of those notes by the way!)

He made a point during his journaling to tell me about how each day the Missionary that is in charge of that area and in charge of the "99 plus 1" ministry would ask them "Where did you see God today?". Asking ourselves this question on a daily basis is a wonderful idea!

I think that it would be easy to find an answer each day. In fact, I think it would be hard to come up with ONLY one...but I would like to make a habit of asking myself this question...and I would like to ask each of my kids this question every day as well. I think their answers will be quite interesting!

So this week has not exactly been an easy week. Don't get me hasn't been horrible..nothing traumatic has happend overall we've been fine, but there have been a list of things that need to get done before heading to the BICS commencement tomorrow on top of the usual daily stuff, the fact that the husband is away and add to it sick kids, I had started to feel a tad bit overwhelmed.

So where have I seen God this week??

Man, its so easy. To make the list short I will just say that MANY tasks that were at first going to be complicated were made MUCH easier for me. I was able to get a guy to come straight to my driveway to replace our broken windshield (so I can get it inspected before we leave tomorrow). At first this was going to be a task that included me dragging all the kids to a windshield place and waiting 3 hours while the job gets done and while the glue sets. I was SO happy to find someone who could come do it at home..during a convenient time. (it was also quite an interesting thing to watch. The boys had fun!).

Most of the time I am able to see God using people to help me. For example..Papa coming up here today while I go get Jessalyn from school so that I didn't have to wake Owen up from his nap and drag all the boys out. Or like Sister in Law's who listen to me vent and who bring ice cream and make "dream cones" in the evening. A mother who I can call eleventy-billion times a day for whatever the heck I want, A mother in law who comes up to check on us to be sure we don't need anything. That little list was JUST family...nevermind the list of those who offer their help to me everyday and who I know I could call any time.

I know that even when Josh is gone I am not even close to being alone! And trust me...when contemplating having another baby before getting pregnant with Owen I did it knowing full well that I have PLENTY of help and plenty of people who LOVE to help! If it wasn't for that I would definitely not be a mother of four. (of course, these are the very same people who are trying to get us to go for #5!!! tee hee)

Where else have I seen god this week??'s a good one...

Three puking kids and not ONE bit of throw up on my couches. Beds and cars yes...but NOT couches!! PTL


Kann said...

LOL! No puke on the couches!!! I hope you guys have a great weekend. We will be thinking of you all!

Becky said...

Poor Jessalyn!I hope your family is feeling better soon! Have a great weekend :)