Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ten more things...

Lately I've been noticing how many 'staple' items in our house were given to us on our wedding day. We got married when we were both 20 years old. We had nothing of our own and we were very blessed by the gifts we received for our wedding.

Ten things that are used on an almost daily basis...and have lasted 10 years!


My wonderful aunt Peggy out did herself for our wedding. I remember getting a big tote full of random kitchen items. Pots and pans, serving spoons...etc etc. Right from the start she claimed the fact that it was all pretty inexpensive stuff...but she knew that we didn't care! We were happy that we now had something to cook with. We used most of that tote exclusively for years...and slowly replaced some of it as necessary. I swear this to be true...I think of Peggy every time I stir my pasta with this "pasta stirrer" and every time I scoop out tomato soup with this ladle. I laugh to think that these flimsy plastic utensils have survived use after use!


This utensil holder thingy has had a permanent home on every stove that we have had. It is another plastic utensil that came from the 'Aunt Peggy Tote'. Another item that is used on a daily basis..and as you can see is coming close to needing a replacement. I'm at the point now that since it has such character..I might not want to replace it. The most recent meltdown (which happens to be the bigger one) happened when my awesome friend Lacy was cooking dinner at my house. She was feeling SO badly that she melted the thing..and I had to explain the story behind it and assured her that it was OK. She insists on getting us a new one some day...I assured her that it wasn't necessary:)


Ahhh...the apple napkin holder. You will most likely find this napkin holder sitting out with NO napkins in it. Yet another wedding gift that has stood the test of time.


This picture has been hung proudly in every home we have lived in. I believe it came from the McCullen family (from Whitefield). I don't know what it is...but it doesn't feel like home to me until I have this picture hanging somewhere. Its usually one of the first things I do!


We were given two sets of these exact plates/mugs...from two different people. I think somebody knew that we were gonna need more than a set of 4 at some point in our lives! It was quite handy that they got us the same ones! I am 99% sure that we have not broken one plate, saucer or mug from this set!


The Pampered Chef wooden spoon. I have many wooden spoons..but this one is by far the best one. Its best for stirring, serving...and spanking when necessary.


A mug from the bank where we got our first bank account. I haven't saved this mug for any sentimental reasons...its just a GREAT mug.


Yes. Yes. Towels. I can't be sure that ALL of the towels in this picture were from our wedding day..although, I do know that they very top one did! Gross. I know. Maybe Josh and I should treat ourselves to new bath towels??


(picture from the daewoo website..not the actual tv)
This item does not live with us anymore...but is currently residing at Kirsten and Shara's apartment. This tv was another gift from my Aunt Peggy. Josh and I had never heard of Daewoo before...but were thrilled to have a tv! Apon arrival to our apartment after our honeymoon we were working on setting up our entertainment center. The tv was sitting on "swivel chair" (a chair that we no longer have..sadly). I don't know what happened exactly, but the tv took a nose dive onto the floor. We were devastated at first thinking that we busted our brand new tv..before ever even turning it on. Well..sure enough, the Daewoo was built to last because it worked fine after that and is to this day still kickin'. It has a little dent in it..but thats all. That tv was replaced by a few others over the years...and ultimately replaced by the 42 inch plasma.


You've all seen this picture here before...but again, another constant in every house we have lived in.

I think this wall hanging says it all:)


Becky said...

How cool!! I'm pretty sure we have a bunch of stuff still alive and kickin' from our wedding too. Although, we mostly got money, we did get several great "home" things.

Happy anniversary!!!

Peggy Watkins said...

It's amazing who reads your blog ... Adam sent me the link and said that you had given me credit for something, so of course, I had to check it out. Really glad to hear that all that plastic ware is still holding up. (I myself have a variety of plastic items that have been going strong for years.) And I don't believe spoon holders are supposed to last very long ... everyone must melt them sooner or later. Hope your 10th anniversary trip was memorable and you return to your gang with renewed vitality.

Love, Peggy