Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day

After returning from our weekend away we were happy to be able to spend Monday with the fam celebrating Memorial Day. It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun. I took way too many pictures. The day started out at the Parade in town. The usual walk to the Library...Papa parade...head to the docks to watch more of the parade...then walk around the craft fair...then head home. We had a nice lunch and then went to the beach. The water was way too cold for most of us..but the kids weren't afraid! It was a nice time to just relax and enjoy the day. We then headed home and had a nice BBQ with more friends.

It will be hard, but I will try to choose only a few pictures to share!

The fam at the parade. The only thing missing is the Keniston family:(..


Ethan and Luke..


Off the tree's, off the the hoop. At the BBQ that night the boys were having some dangerous fun shooting the basketball off the porch roof..trying to bounce it off the garage into the hoop. Jake, Josh and Aaron were all successful with this..and were quite proud of themselves. I made it clear that I was not encouraging this behavior!

(You can see Aaron on the roof from this picture)

In this picture you can see the roof that they are standing the right...and the garage that they are bouncing the ball off from. Silly boys.

We then had a campfire and made s'mores...gave baths, put kids to bed and watched the Celtics. Lets just say I hope they have a better outcome tonight. They will.


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