Friday, October 28, 2011

Too busy to post?

I'm not sure why:) I really hate that I'm neglecting this blog! I blame it on facebook. Or maybe my five kids....or something. It's definitely not MY fault:)

We have been transitioning through lots of changes in the last month or so, along side of keeping up with the usual day to day life of our crazy busy family. It is ALL good and we are feeling very blessed.

Josh has taken the position of Associate Pastor in Training at Calvary Bible Church. This is an amazing opportunity for him and so far he is LOVING it. He feels like he is finally right where he should be. A good feeling for sure. He works full time for the church which has been an adjustment but one that is definitely much better for our family as a whole.

In the meantime we were able to get through the first couple of months of school and soccer season and are enjoying a quick respite before basketball season starts...all the while caring for little Truett who is an absolute JOY.

Such a quick update...and of course, I will leave you with lots of pics:)

Truett with the hat that Karole-Ann made.