Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wedding Part 2!

If you haven't read part one yet then scroll down and do that first!

I hope that I get to go to many more weddings with the group of people I went with yesterday. Most of our closest friends were there and we had a GREAT time. Shawn and Karen, Jake and Jenn, Heath and Karole-Ann, Shara and Jake, Kirsten and Mark..and of course Josh and I. In order to keep us all together we were put together at tables on the balcony of the building..and it was probably a good thing.

I think the pictures will say for themselves. We don't all get out together without our kids so we tried to live it up!

We just so happened to have a knight in shining armor up on the balcony with us so of course it became the center piece of photo opportunities. (inside..bad lighting..but fun just the same!)

Don't worry. Its only sparkling cider...we obviously don't need more than that!

Every couple needs a it be a salt shaker, sparkling cider bottle, large rocks, flowers, fire extinguishers..whathaveyou...its a must for a good pictures.

And some serious ones....

Me and my best friends..

All of us together!

This coming weekend we all get to go away again together..this time for the entire weekend WITH all the kids!!!

Ben and Sarah's wedding. (part 1)

I am going to have to separate this post into two parts. The first part will be the pictures I took of the actual wedding. Lets just say that it was a very sweet wedding! They were both so excited and I think everyone there was equally as excited for them! The look on Ben's face when he saw Sarah was priceless. I actually got a picture of his first glance while the real photographer was busy taking pictures of the Sarah coming down the aisle.

They are SO happy to finally be married!!!

(I took so many pictures. I'll have to try hard to pick and choose)

Anyone who knows Ben will know that he HATES previews. He is the one covering his ears and hiding his face when any type of movie preview comes on the screen. The same goes for Sarah in her dress. He knew she was coming around the corner and he was trying SO hard not to look until the VERY last minute. He did a great job...and this was the look on his face once he turned towards her.

Once she was actually down the isle I took a few of him continuing to try to hold back the tears..

Then he finally gets to take her hand and stand with her...

The vows...

The kiss...

Mr. and Mrs. Gorman!!!

Other favorites of mine...

It was a beautiful wedding!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Softball season is here!

We had our first game last night...and we won:) (Of course..we are out there to have fun..but winning makes it even sweeter!) It was a fun. Most of our team showed for the first game so it was a bit hectic trying to get everyone playing time..but it was nice to have everyone there.

Also, yesterday was Jessalyn's end of the year party in her classroom. All the families were invited and it was a nice time. The kids read a story that they wrote all by themselves. We then got to have ice cream.

This is a picture of Jessalyn with her friends being silly. It was originally going to be a picture with the girls...but the boys had to jump in and 'get in the way'. (ha ha) Jessalyn is in the middle looking down with her hair in her face.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A five and three year old take on Bike Week.

While driving in the car Ethan, Luke and I had this little conversation.

Luke: "Mummia? Why are we going this way?"
Me: "We're going to pick up Sissy from school."
Luke: "But we have to go the other way to go around all the bikes."
Me: "Oh! Bike week is over now, Luke. See how you don't see any motorcycles?"
Luke: "So now its car week, mama?"
Me: (giggles) "yeah."
Ethan: "Mumma? Its good mumma, that its over mumma. mumma? Mumma?.
Me: yes Ethan
Ethan: "Cuz mumma? Now I can sleep mumma."

(for anyone who's had conversations with Luke and Ethan you will recognize the "mummia" from Luke. Lately he's been in constant whine Mama ends in MamIA. When Ethan talks to me he says "mama" every other word..and I have to respond to him or else he will say "Mama mama...." until I do! Drives me insane!)

Monday, June 23, 2008

I got a new toy!

I got a practice pad drum kit! Its a sweet little thing. It fits nicely in the corner of my dining room..and it doesn't really make any noise when I play it! It has already allowed me much more practice time because I can play at any time of the day! I love it.

I got to babysit Kyndal and Ally the other day. They are both so good! Ally is just as easy as Owen is and didn't give me a hard time at all. It was fun! Kyndal is just a few months older than Luke. They get along really well for the most part.

Josh was outside working on painting the trim of the house and decided to give Jessalyn, Ethan and Luke a paint bucket and paint brush and told them to go at a particular part of the house! They actually did a really good job. I was thinking the paint bucket would get spilled but it didn't. They worked hard for quite a while painting and they are most definitely proud of their work!

The siding on the back side was completely finished on Saturday!! I haven't taken a picture of it yet..but will soon!