Monday, June 23, 2008

I got a new toy!

I got a practice pad drum kit! Its a sweet little thing. It fits nicely in the corner of my dining room..and it doesn't really make any noise when I play it! It has already allowed me much more practice time because I can play at any time of the day! I love it.

I got to babysit Kyndal and Ally the other day. They are both so good! Ally is just as easy as Owen is and didn't give me a hard time at all. It was fun! Kyndal is just a few months older than Luke. They get along really well for the most part.

Josh was outside working on painting the trim of the house and decided to give Jessalyn, Ethan and Luke a paint bucket and paint brush and told them to go at a particular part of the house! They actually did a really good job. I was thinking the paint bucket would get spilled but it didn't. They worked hard for quite a while painting and they are most definitely proud of their work!

The siding on the back side was completely finished on Saturday!! I haven't taken a picture of it yet..but will soon!


Kann said...

Cheap labor huh? I love picture of Luke reclining in the chair! He looks like such and old man!!

Amy said...

You are a brave soul...
#1 I don't even own that many paint brushes. You're a good mommy!!

Love the new set of drums...woo-hoo!!!