Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy 6 Months Truett!

I can't believe how fast these first 6 months have flown by.  I can't get over how much we have been blessed by getting to have Truett in our family!  He is truly a happy happy boy and is so loved by everyone in the family.  

At 6 months he is still nursing every 3 hours and a few times during the night...because he's spoiled!  He is eating pureed carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, peas, apples, pears, peaches, bananas and yogurt.  He LOVES all of these things and is pretty much eating 3 meals a day of solid foods.  Thanks to the Baby Bullet I am able to save tons of money by making all of his food.  

He's sitting up like a pro, rolling over and starting to push up on his arms and knees, clapping like crazy and starting to catching on to signing the word "more".  He repeats "dadadada" over and over and appears like he waves when someone walks in the door and says "hi" to him.  He loves to sit and play with his toys and is OK with the jumperoo...but most of all loves to sit and play with his siblings.  

He is used to lots of attention and is not fond of being left alone in a room for any moment of time.  He also loves to nap with mama...which is proving to be a little bit of a problem as he doesn't sleep long when he's by himself.  Like I said, he's spoiled:)  (napping in my lap as I type this!).  I KNOW he's not going to nap in my arms forever and I also KNOW how fast this time goes so I'm eating it up and he seems to be just fine with that!  

So far he is still toothless although I expect his first one to pop through in the next month or so.  All of the other kids got their first tooth somewhere in the 7th month or so.  He is chewing things like crazy and drooling too so I think there is one working its way out.  

Unfortunately, Truett battled his first real sickness in his 5th month.  He ended up with RSV...which was not a fun week.  We managed to stay clear of being hospitalized, although it was close.  My doc trusted that we would take precautions and do what we needed to do (humidifiers etc) at home and he got better slowly.  He also had a double ear infection at the same time.  He is MUCH better now though and back to his happy self!  

We are just eating him up!  

Here are a few 6 month pics that I took between yesterday and today.  I've been diligent about a mini photoshoot on the first of each month so far!  I'd like to keep that up for his first year.  

Gearing up for the Superbowl!!  

As an interesting comparison, there is a blog post HERE for Owen's 6 month half birthday:)  Similarities for sure but definitely different:)