Monday, May 5, 2008

Bad blogger.

It seems that I have neglected my blog for the last few days. I have excuses...but they aren't very good ones. I suppose the main issue is that my internet is giving me some trouble and I don't have patience for it. I admit it....I tend to be an 'instant gratification' kind of person, especially when it comes to the internet. I have a call in to Metrocast to switch back to cable service. We really hesitated on doing this and have been putting it off for quite some time because I hate to switch my email address again..but it has to be done. Hopefully I will be able to snag the same thing..except at Metrocast instead of Verizon.

Along with that...things like normal daily life have been getting in the way of blogging. (I dare they!) Nothing overly exciting...lets see...

I spent the night last night (Sunday) with Owen throwing up every half hour. That was fun. Poor guy. He seems fine today. Then I spent the entire day today scouring the house in hopes to not spread whatever little bug he happened to have. It was good...I got the entire 1st floor swept and mopped and vacuumed...dusted...etc. Then it got mopped again because the boys love to take turns with a wet mop!

Then this afternoon was Ethan's first day of T-ball! He was SO excited and did so well. Its funny...Jessalyn is our 'outgoing' kid, but the first day of every sport she has played has been torture for her. She gets so nervous and cries and cries. I have to force her out on the field/court...where she finally settles down and realizes she loves it.

Ethan on the other hand wasn't nervous at all. He ran right out there sporting his purple uniform t-shirt and hat. He did everything that was asked of him with zeal! He LOVED it and did way better than I expected. I am excited for him.

Some pictures of course:)

Almost caught it!

Practicing base running. As they rounded each base they were supposed to YELL which they were passed ("FIRST BASE!!!"..etc). He was too cute and yelled very loudly each time!

Waiting for his turn to bat.

A few good swings...

Running the bases....


Jessalyn's turn tomorrow! She's excited too.


# 9 said...

man, I am so jealous! Daniel missed T-ball this year by two months!

Kann said...

Ugghh.. #9 took my post!!! Oh well! Ethan looks so grown up and a natural just like the rest of the fam!!!