Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This coming Friday is our TENTH wedding anniversary. I have to specify 'wedding' anniversary because we still celebrate our "dating" we get two anniversary's each year!

We figure number ten is a pretty significant one. Its funny because, although I can't believe that its been ten years already, its no surprise to us that we have made it this far. I think many people celebrating milestone anniversary's are proud of themselves for making it as long as they have. There honestly hasn't been one single moment where I questioned our marriage..and questioned the fact that we will be together for as long as we are both still alive!

Our lives are not even close to what I imagined them like when we first got married. I am NO way disappointed with how things are now, but when I look at where we are now there are many things that I would have never expected ten years ago.

Since the theme is "10" here..I will list 10 things that I would have never expected when we first got married...


I think it goes without saying...I would have never pictured myself a mother of FOUR kids! I didn't even like babies when we got married:)

2. I would have never imagined that Josh would be an Elder of a church..and I'm pretty sure we outright said that we would never be youth leaders! ha ha

3. I never would have expected that my dad wouldn't be around to meet any of my children:( (He started feeling sick exactly a week after walking me down the isle..turned out it was cancer and he died 6 months later)

4. When we first got married I was sure that at some point we would own and be living in the house that I grew up in...

5. I never thought that we would be living in Meredith..and sending our kids to INTERLAKES of all places!!! (Interlakes..kind of a rival with White Mountains back in our day)

6. Although it was something I have always loved, I never would have thought that I would get to play the drums live every single week!

7. I would have never imagined Josh working on oil/propane trucks.

8. I would never have imagined myself at 30 years old with such an AWESOME, FUN group of friends!

9. I definitely would have never guessed that I would be 30 pounds heavier now than the day I got married...and that I would have lost 90% of my athletic ability.

10. I did not expect that 10 years later the CELTICS would be in the playoffs!!!!!

Although I never questioned the fact that I would be happy in my marriage...I would have never guessed that I would be THIS happy!!


Kann said...

That's a pretty awesome list of I never though...

Congrats you guys are so special to us! I don't think we tell each other that enough!!!

I hope you have a great time away! Enjoy it! You deserve it!!!

Angela said...

Congrats, Kristin & Josh! I love your list. Your marriage is definitely an inspiration to me;-)

Becky said...

YAY!! Happy 10th Anniversary! I love your list :) I hope you guys have a great, KID-FREE time this weekend.

Amy said...

Have a great time together! Happy Anniversary friend!! We're just one year behind you!