Saturday, March 22, 2008


The One Voice performance that is. It went off really well...a couple of hiccups here and there but nothing majorly noticeable. Thats what happens when you only do one show (instead of the three that they are used to doing!). light of Jessalyn's understanding of why she is up there on stage I can't help but add the fact that..

SHE IS AWESOME!!! (ha ha ha)

Ok, now is time for Mommy bragging so brace yourself.

She did lots of dancing and singing...but there was one particular song that I thought she did REALLY well with. It was more of a hip hop kind of song...for the adults, but she made the cut and the front row:)

No matter what performance she is in I get so many people coming up to me telling me that she "stole the show". She really does...there is just something about her stage presence that is just natural for her. She had so much fun with this particular song.

She was happy because they got to do it twice...a second time as a reprise of sorts. I took some pics during dress rehearsal and then I video taped the actual performance. The first time through I taped the group as a whole...and then knowing they were doing it twice I just did a close up on her for the whole second time. I think its worth the 4 minutes it will take to watch both of them:)

Ok..back to the show as a whole (rather than the Mommy bragging)...

It was really really good. Mac was amazing as usual and the entire show flowed perfectly with what he was doing. It really was great. There were very few empty seats. All in all it was an amazing night!

A couple of pics of Jessalyn...

Unfortunately I realized after viewing this post that for some weird reason the videos uploaded weird. You still get the idea..but starts to speed up and slow down randomly. I promise, the actual performance wasn't like that!

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Kann said...

She is awesome! I'm so proud of her!!! She made the cut!!! You have a right to be a proud mom! I can't wait to see the rest of the video and pictures!!!

becky said...

Kristin, you have every right to be a Proud Mommy!!! She's amazing!