Monday, July 19, 2010


Ahhhh....week one of our three week camping adventure is over. It was a GREAT week...lots of fun, lots of relaxing, lots of eating, lots of drumming, lots of running....and most of all lots of visiting with friends.

We have moved onto week two. This is Jessalyn's first week of camp! Josh was a camper at this camp when he was 9 as well. She is all ready and very excited. Of course, I am not actually leaving the campground because I really didn't feel like packing up the van just to turn around and come back for Camp MACC next week. Although, Jessalyn would really love it if I left:) In the meantime, I have been elected Jr. Camp photographer, as well as drummer ever now and then...and bathroom cleaner.

Today was a very quite day between the two camps. The campground was pretty much empty so we took the opportunity to do a little photo shoot with the boys. It was fun...for me at least:)


Anonymous said...

The last one of the three of them against the building could be a jeans ad for Gap Kids or something! These are all great.

Joy said...

I was thinking some of them against the building belong in Oh Brother Where Art Thou? ;0)

They are all terrific.

Jenn said...

Love the pics!!! I wanna come up to camp with you!!! I have next week off, lol!!!!

Angela said...

These are awesome pics!

My Three Sons said...

M' when is your trip to Toronto to photograph MY three boys? You are SOOOO talented!!!!