Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A "how to" on the sparkler fun..

First of all, even though it was getting pretty dark outside, I set the ISO on a low setting (my camera only goes to 200)...because I knew that the light from the sparkler itself would be very bright.

The second thing I did was put the Aperture at about 5 or so...so that the background would be more blurry, knowing that the person doing the 'writing' would be moving and that the slow shutter speed would make the nothing but a mess.

Then I brought my camera into "bulb" mode..which is found when you start heading into really slow shutter speeds. I wanted the camera to catch the movement of the light and slow shutter speeds is how you do that. "Bulb" mode allows you to control exactly how long the shutter stays open. You hold the button as long as you want..and when you let go, it closes.

So then we would get ready, spark up the sparkler, get into position and I would say "GO!" then hold my breath (trying to avoid camera shake) and the shutter button while the person did the writing..and hope for the best! You should have seen me when I realized that it worked! I was so excited:) Then when I started showing everyone the kinds of pics I was getting we had lots of ideas flying around about what to do....and then we ran out of sparklers!

I think it would look better in the complete dark..although, I kinda like being able to see the person in the background as well.

And then, like I said in the other post, with Lacy's name I had to flip it in an editing program because she wasn't confident that she would be able to spell it backwards. With the heart it didn't matter.

So yeah...go to the store and by some sparklers and have some fun!


Heather C said...

I am completely in awe of your photographic artistry :) I'm lucky to get a picture that's not blurry... and still has the subject in the frame. Forget about the sparkler stuff and the other AMAZING pics you take. Incredible! :)