Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nights of Arrethtrae (a childrens book review!)

I'm not really sure if you can really post a 'review' of a book that you've only read a few chapters of...but I can already tell that this is going to be a GREAT series. Back before Christmas I saw a review of this series on Pioneer Womans 'homeschool' page on her website. One of the other writers for that section posted a review of this book and it had me intrigued back then. We searched for the books as a last minute gift idea for Ethan and Jessalyn but weren't able to find them at any local bookstores. We didn't have enough time to order them from anywhere else so we sort of scrapped the idea. A few days before Christmas I did try calling the local Bible Bookstore to see if they had them and they hadn't heard of the series at all.

Last weekend we made a stop at that particular bookstore for Josh to pick up a few things and he came out surprising us with all 6 books of the series! Apparently, between Christmas and now, the bookstore decided that these books were something they wanted to carry and we quickly snagged the books!

The books are fictional and definitely geared more towards boys, although I'm pretty sure Jessalyn will get into them as well. She suggested that Ethan and I read the first one while she is finishing up another series that she's into at the moment, and then she plans to pick it up when we are done. It is a tale of a great King and his Son and the many Noble Nights who serve them. From what we've read so far, the Biblical parallels are VERY clear and the story of the nights is awesome!

"Journey to Arrethtrae, where these knights of noble heart live and die in loyal service to the King and the Prince. These knights are mighty, for they serve a mighty King. They are...the Knights of Arrethtrae!"

According to the CBD website, the books are geared towards 9 to 12 year olds...although, I've read some reviews that have told about how many of the older teens enjoy them as well. As you can see from the pictures, Ethan really enjoys silly/funny books. He has a stack of books on the floor next to his bed including lots of "Magic Tree House" books, and the silly "Captain Underpants" books. His bedside table always has his "go to books" for when he doesn't have a current book to read. Because he's a silly guy, he LOVES the "Whimpy Kid" books and is constantly giggling at the "Light in the Attic" book too! Ethan can read the Arrethtrae books, but I find that for him they are a little 'much' as far as his reading capability. He reads the text fine, but I think he has to concentrate a little too much to get through it and then misses out on the comprehension end. We have found that it works well with him for me to read some and him to read some..and then I can be sure that he's 'getting' it. There are also study questions at the end of each chapter with questions guiding you to look up scripture to find the specific parallels.

Ethan and I are eager to read a new chapter each night! Jessalyn is eager to read them and get to the 4th book "Lady Carliss".

Here is a link to the actual Knights of Arrethrae website.
(for some reason I'm having a hard time actually creating a link for this...if you just google it, you'll find it!)


Kann said...

By any chance have you found an extra Diary of a Whimpy kid, the first book? Daniel thinks he left it there the last time we were in town...