Monday, September 29, 2008

Nothing but a proud mommy post..

*begin bragging*

Today was Ethan's first official soccer game. His team won...2-1...and Ethan scored 2 goals!!! The game was short..and they had to rotate two 'teams' of players from his team so he had limited time AND half of that time was spent on defense.

He obviously made me proud with the goal scoring (and the running back across the field with his hands the thumbs up to the crowd)...but he is actually a really really good defender. He was the only one on the team who actually defended the ball..stole it and then passed it up to another player. Then he would run back to his position on defense. Most of the other kids playing defense would get the ball and just try to run with it as far as possible..until reaching the end line of the other teams goal.

He totally "gets" soccer and its totally cool to watch!

When he was on the field the other team didn't score either. The boy is tenacious on the soccer field...and that will be funny for anyone who knows him because his normal personality is, well...less than tenacious! :)

*done bragging*


Angela said...

Way to go Ethan! Sounds like his team is going to have a great season with him playing.

# 9 said...

You mean they are supposed to do more than talk to the little girls and pick flowers on the soccer team? Wierd...