Monday, March 2, 2009

A family day.

My mom's side of the family was able to coordinate a time to get together this month in honor of my Aunt Susie who passed away in February last year. We had a wonderful time gathering together enjoying my Aunt Frankie's home. They live in the cutest house on the cutest pond and they have lots of cute little things that add to the personality of their home. The kids were able to get out on the frozen pond for a bit...and enjoyed being cousins (or technically 2nd cousins?) together.

As we sat at the house I had my eye on this little crystal that was hanging as a sun catcher..or reflector in the window that overlooks the pond. I just loved how it looked as the sun reflected off from it. I hate to be 'that person with the camera' and annoy people with snapping pictures of everything so I was trying to be polite and NOT do that. I had actually put away my camera and was about to walk out the door when I spotted the crystal again and knew that I would be extremely mad at myself if I left without pictures of it. I turned around..took my coat off and dug out my camera and was so glad that I did! I could have stayed there for an hour getting every possible different angle...but I contained myself and only took a few. I've decided that I want one of these to hang in one of my windows at my own house!!

Also...they have the cutest little frog couple that sits in the window enjoying the view of the pond all day long. I couldn't help myself with these guys too:)

**edited to add that I am not implying that I think its impolite to take pictures all the time, but that it is sometimes what I feel like when I am behind the camera. I personally love it when camera flashes are flying around :)


Jenn said...

Very cool pics!!!

Michelle said...

Those crystal pictures were my inspiration to look more closely at transparent things like the glass of water I took pictures of. I love the crystal! If you didn't tell me though, I would have thought they were water droplets! I can never freeze frame water droplets no matter how hard I try!