Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jessalyn the "photographyer"

Yesterday morning I finally let Jessalyn have a turn with my camera. We had it set on an an auto mode with auto focus..but she didn't like that. She wanted more. I figured we would just jump right into it and go straight to manual:) I tried to get her to put the camera on autofocus so that she could just concentrate on exposure...but she didn't like that either. While I was getting the boys dressed this morning I let her go outside and snap some pictures. After taking the pics off the camera I found myself impressed with her perspective and even composition...and figured I would share a few of her pictures here. I'm sure she'll do this on her own blog as well:)

I think she will enjoy it more when there is actually something more than dead leaves and dirty snow to take pictures of!

These are a few of my favorites

She said "mom, I think I want to be a".


Sharon said...

Nice job Jessalyn!

MoMologette said...

Those are AWESOME!! I especially like the first one and the last two. I'm jealous of your family's natural talent at the photography stuff!!

Kann said...

She's so awesome!

Kathy said...

You tell her that D,A,&S's Neena is very impressed!!!!