Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back to the "old Jessalyn"!

Back in December I posted a picture of "the new Jessalyn"...her, with her new glasses. She has been good with her glasses. She wore them all the time and really felt she needed them to see properly. She didn't mind fact, she really liked them. She liked how she looked in glasses and as far as her self esteem goes....well, we just don't have to worry about that with her! (haha)

One thing that really bugged her was having to protect them all the time. During basketball season she tried to play without them on..but felt like she couldn't see enough. After deciding to wear them during basketball she got smashed in the face with a basketball...something that hurts without glasses but WITH glasses REALLY hurst. Not only did it hurt..but Josh had to bend her glasses back into shape after. We have had many similar examples of this...between her regular activities and wrestling with her brothers we have just had plenty of issues.

She also was really bothered by the fact that she couldn't wear sunglasses (now that the sun is finally shining!), and that when it rained she would get drops on her glasses that turn to smudges. So after lots of adjusting, cleaning and bending back into addition to some research on contacts for kids we decided to just do it.

Josh and I are happy to save her from the phase of "rec specs" (something he lived through) and white athletic tape holding glasses together (something I had the luxury of living through). With contacts she should be able to skip right passed these unfortunate stages of life!

So far so good. She was able to take them out and put them in multiple times in the office and seems quite comfortable with them.

As for me...I am happy to be able to see straight to her eyes again!!!


Heather C said...

Beautiful with or without. Jessalyn sounds like a girl after my own heart. I invested in contacts because I hate smudges on my glasses... drives me CRAZY. Hope she adjusts great to the new contacts and LOVES them! :)

Micah said...

She sure is lovely!

Angela said...

She's beautiful Kristin and so are your photos!