Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Finally...three weeks after he was born, we were able to make a quick day trip to visit the Browns in Ma. We had some great cuddle time with Noah and had a great time visiting with Joel and Michelle. Of course, I had to have my camera in his face for some of the time!

On our way to visit we were held up for an hour and a half in traffic because of the air show that was happening. It turned out to be a pretty cool thing as we watched the jets flying right over our van. The kids were very entertained by was I! Right then I got on my phone in search of when the next NH air show was going to be and sure enough it was next weekend! We went ahead and got tickets and are going on Saturday to see the Boston-New England air show that looks like its going to be awesome! I hope to have some pics to share from this day..but, I saw how fast these jets fly by. Who knows if I'll actually get any good pics! We'll see!


My Three Sons said...

OMGoodness! What a cutie!!