Monday, July 23, 2012

Junior Camp (2nd half)

Junior Camp is over.  Jessalyn and Ethan both had an awesome week.  I asked Ethan if it was the best week ever and he answered:  "one of them".  I honestly don't know what other week could have been as much fun for him:)

They each met new friends and got to hang out with old friends too.  They played tons of crazy wild games.  Got wet and/or messy.  Learned new songs.  Stayed up way too late and got up way too early.  Ethan chose Mountain Dew and Pixi Sticks from the snack shack.  Swam in the pool every day.  The best week ever!

They were each on different teams that competed by winning games, participating in activities and memorizing Bible verses.  Ethan's team was ahead for most of the week until near the end when Jessalyn's team made a run for it.  It ended up that Ethan's team stayed just enough ahead to pull out the win and got the "Golden Monkey" trophy in the end.  He was very excited to be on the winning team.

Both Jessalyn and Ethan won the "bunk of the day" award once during the week.  This award is given to a camper every day by Sargent Dan.  He inspects each of the dorms every morning after breakfast to be sure that they are all clean and "square".  I was honestly surprised to hear that Ethan won this!  ....I was also surprised to see him showering by himself and surprised that he came back with only one pair of clean underwear left in his suitcase!  :)  He did a great job taking care of himself.  I admit, I was worried!

Ethan was named:  Ethan "the boss" Brown
Jessalyn was named:  Jessalyn "tetherball master" Brown

Jessalyn was chosen in the end to be "Camper of the week" which is a big honor.  Her counselors had all kinds of great things to say about her in their description of why she won the award.  She was excited and of course we were very proud of her.

All in all a GREAT time for them.  We hope that circumstances allow us to come back again next week and also hope we can bring along some friends to join them!

I was one of the camp photographers so I have lots of pics of the kids in action.
It only rained on morning..and it didn't stop these campers from having a good time!

Counselor water balloon gauntlet.

Jessalyn in the tetherball line..

Making snacks dessert in the baking session.

The slip and slide game

The NCT ..."Non Camper Tribe"

Mad Moments of Messiness relay

Ethan eating chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers out of a diaper.

Ethan's team just won the relay.

Daniel and Ethan were on the same they are congratulating each other for a jobs well done:)