Thursday, July 5, 2012

Most relaxing place on Earth?

My aunt and uncle have had this beach house in their family for years and over the years we have been SO grateful for the invitation to come spend some time there.  There have been times where we have spent almost a week and other times when we only spend a day.  This year we were able to stay for about 24 hours.  I've decided that this is not quite enough time!  :)  But, we were very happy to have been able to visit at all as it has been a couple of years since we've been there.  

Jessalyn remembered some things about it and Ethan remembered once we were there.  Luke and Owen don't remember a thing, but it has quickly become on of their favorite places.  

The best thing about this beach house is that it's not right on the public beach.  It's a short walk to the actual beach but if you choose not to, you can just sit on the porch with a PERFECT view of the ocean and the beach.  The sound of the waves crashing and the ocean breeze makes the porch the most relaxing place to sit and visit with friends and family.  The kids enjoy running around the house, jumping on rocks and playing wiffle ball and hide and seek...when they aren't begging to head to the beach!  

The moon was absolutely beautiful one night...but unfortunately my camera battery charger was MIA (ironically..I JUST found it the I had it with me the WHOLE TIME).  I missed out on many photo ops...but nothing that I won't have a picture of in my own memory.  


Ethan and Luke playing scrabble....

Nana missing her she spent almost a week there!

A snack on the rock..

Owen checking things out..

LOVE...the view from the porch

The view from the porch

Tru..chillin under and apple tree in the shade.

Luke jumping rocks

Ethan jumping rocks

Jessalyn made this

Josh and Tru.  I have a picture JUST like this here with him and Ethan...Ethan was 5 months old or so.  

My aunt has several toys to play with...proof that EVERYTHING is fun at the beach house:)

Truett taking a nap

I was showing Truett the ocean.

Jessalyn wearing Amy's shoes.  I kept telling her that Coach Nick would KILL her if she broke her ankle right before Districts!

Ahhhh....the ocean...

Loving the waves...Ethan and Luke

The beach house from the beach

wave jumping

Truett LOVES the waves.

Tru also liked tasting the sea weed

They are looking for us....


Got him some new trunks today:)


I love beach reflections