Thursday, July 10, 2008

Super Nanny? Nanny 911?

Josh will be on his way home today and hopefully this will be his last trip away for this particular job! Yeah! It has been a looooong few months with him gone every other week. Lets just say that this week being his last week away is great because I'm not sure I could handle another one. Seriously, there have been moments (many of them) here at my house when our family resembled one of those families featured on the Super Nanny. I'm serious. By the end of the night I am tired of discipline..and I think the kids know it. It just gets hard to stay consistent when I'm doing it alone. I am excited to have Josh back so that we can get back some of the structure in this house and I think that alone will solve most of the boys issues.

In the meantime we have been having lots of fun:) We went away for the weekend over the 4th of July with friends. That was a wonderfully relaxing weekend..which made it hard to get back to reality with Josh gone for the week. It was a beautiful weekend, the weather was perfect.

We played wiffle ball, volleyball, cross stitched, carpet ball...all kinds of exciting (haha) stuff. We went to Bretton Woods for the fireworks and had a nice time. We got to go to Chutters on Saturday afternoon and had fun shopping at the candy story with the longest candy counter in the world (according to the Guinness Book of World Records!). Sunday we headed home and on the way we stopped at Polly's Pancake Parlor. The best breakfast place ever.

On Monday Josh headed out for Maine so Kirsten and I brought Jessalyn, Ethan and Luke to Story Land! That was a very fun and tiring day. All of them are tall enough to go on every ride and they all loved them. The Polar Coaster and the Bamboo Chute (log flume ride) were the favorites. They also love the Turtle Twirl (tilt a whirl)...but Kirsten and I don't plan to ride that one ever again. They all were great about all the walking and waiting in lines..although the lines really weren't that bad. Luke fell asleep in his carseat before we even got out of the driveway though!

On the Log Flume ride they have a camera placed in just the right spot to take a picture as you are feeling your stomach in your throat as you let out a big scream. At the end you can go view the picture and purchase it if you want. Our first picture wasn't that great. For whatever reason, we couldn't see Luke at all (and I promise he didn't fly out!). We were determined to get a good picture so we just had to go on the ride again. The kids were excited about this. On the second time around we rearranged our seating and was able to get a funny that we actually purchased. I think my favorite look is the one on Ethan's face!

Last night Jessalyn lost yet another tooth! She's down seven now...although six of them have fully grown back in. She was excited and wanted to know the truth about the tooth I told her. I think she knew anyway. Yesterday morning she made pancakes completely by herself..while I washed the dishes! She's getting SO big!

There are tons more pictures of our weekend at Harbinger and of Story Land if you follow the following links...

Story Land


On a sad note..we lost a softball game last night. It was a hard one to take since we haven't lost a game since before LAST season. I think we were up to about 20 games in a row or something and last night we lost:( In the meantime I tweaked my knee..which seems to be happening alot lately for some reason. Oh well...we had fun playing anyway.


Neena & Boppa said...

So sorry about the lose in softball. It must be because the Keniston's moved. I'm afraid your lose is our gain though. We so love having the boys, oh yes Karole-Ann & Heath, hear.
Kathy (Neena) & Harlan (Boppa)

Nate, Megan, and Naomi said...

I see I inspired you to do some blogging. Haha! Looks like you've been having some fun. I could never do those awful rides at Story Land!!! They would make me sick!

Kann said...

I am glad you had a great weekend and that it is Josh's last week away! (by the way Neena & Boppa are my parents!) and it is sad day about the whole softball thing!

Teachermom said...

Glad josh is home now! And I've been wondering about that crazy pic of you guys on I understand it! :) It reminds me of when I take my 8th graders to the amusement park - they always try to pose themselves for those ride cameras. I love Ethan's face, too!

You guys have been having a great summer from the sound of it!