Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jessalyn's Guatemala headband!

When we first moved here, 4.5 years ago, we were helped out and very warmly welcomed by a family in the Church. Since then we have gotten to know this family quite well and treasure our relationships with them. The Keniston's (not the Heath and Kann ones) have a daughter, Charlotte, who is in Guatemala serving with the Peace Corps. Hilary (Charlotte's mom) recently was able to go visit Charlotte in Guatemala.

Hilary has been known over the years to randomly call and invite our kids out to lunch...or even sometimes a movie! (this is something that she is known to do with not only my family but other families as well!) Today was Jessalyn's day with Hilary and she came back wearing this lovely headband that Hilary brought back from Guatemala. Its the prettiest thing...and super functional! Jessalyn loves it...

You can visit Charlotte's blog about her adventures in Guatemala HERE.