Monday, December 22, 2008

My love/hate relationship with New England.

Its that "four seasons" thing that everyone talks about. I love the spring, I love the summer, I love the fall...and then there is winter. Winter is such a love/hate thing. I mean, really, its beautiful. There is a good feeling when its a blizzard outside and the snow is piling up while you are sitting inside at a friends house taking a nap in front of their fire. (that was a picture of me at Karens yesterday!). Its so nice in cozy know, "the fire is so delightful". If only we could live in New England during this time of year and not ever HAVE to go out in it. Of course, its nice to bundle up and make snowmen and have snowball fights but that is by choice. Its not until you actually HAVE to go outside and head somewhere like, or bringing kids to and from school, when it becomes dreadful.

Its at this point that the snow becomes nothing but a hassle. The big puffy coats, the cold car...the snow all over the place. Not to mention the shoveling! Now, I am very fortunate in this department to have a husband who is able to take care of this part. My husband doesn't have a love/hate relationship with winter..his relationship is pure hate/hate...and MORE hate. I mean, when you have to get up early to shovel this entire drivway before you head to the job that is extremely manual labor (lots of time outside or in a chilly garage), its just hard to find any love in that.

But all at the same time, this kind of living really does build character. It makes us really really appreciate the times of year when its warm. We all try hard not to complain that it is TOO hot (unless I've just walked 2 miles pushing a bunch of kids in a double stroller at the soulfest!). Its only in New England where you get a storm that brings in something like 14 inches of snow and we still only get a 2 hour delay from school the next morning. Its because we've built character...because we're New Englanders!

This was my drive to school this morning...not bad really...

...and besides where else besides New England do you get to view images like these...

I, for one, am a fan of the snow angels...especially those done after touchdowns.


ReneeLynn03 said...

I have to laugh at your driving to school picture because it cracks me up when people in warm climates get a dusting and are affraid to drive anywhere. I roll my eyes sometimes haha...sorry! I really hope this all goes away for you guys soon and spring comes quicker than normal. We haven't gotten a 'big' snow yet this year but I'm sure it's coming.

BTW That football pic is really neat :)

Jason DeStratis said...

Hey Kristin,

It sounds like you're a fan of the SoulFest. I just wanted to let you know that we started a new blog that covers all the latest information about the SoulFest. Subscribe at

Stay safe driving around in the snow drifts!

- Jason

Nate, Megan, and Naomi said...

Yeah, New England! It's pathetic down here... we have NO snow and everything is cancelled if there are flurries in the forcast. Bummer that the Patriots didn't make it any farther.