Friday, January 9, 2009

I have been given a blog award!!

I have a dear friend from across the states that I have not actually met in person. We "met" online when we were pregnant with our Oct 04 babies. We quickly found that we have many things in common. We found it amazing that we actually had a common friend..someone she went to college with and someone that I knew from before college days! I am sure that if (or WHEN!) we manage to get together some day our families would get along wonderfully. Someday:)

This friend, Amy...from The Mommy Chronicles, passed along this award to me:)

There are some rules when you receive this award and they are simple (although difficult at the very same time!):

Pass this award onto five other blogs that you love.

I read Amy's blog last night and saw that I was in fact given this award...but spent the evening (in all of my "just won an award" delight..tee hee) trying to decide which five, of the MANY, blogs I enjoy that I would pass the award onto.

After much consideration :) I would like to pass the award on to the next five people! (Keeping in mind that had I gotten this award from someone other than Amy I would have definitely passed it on to her!).

The Fab 5.

1. Laura at Have Two, They're Small. Laura writes the cutest stories about her family and has two of the cutest kids! Her story is a wonderful encouragement as she shares the family that she has after dealing with infertility and loss.

2. Nicole at M.other O.f M.ayem. Nicole is also a mother of two who balances her home and her nursing career very well. She is an extremely insightful person who has shared great amounts of her wisdom with me! If I was in the ICU..I'd want Nicole to be my nurse:) One of my most recent favorite posts of hers is it. Did I mention that she's also very funny?

3. Karole-Ann at The Life of D, A and S. Karole-Ann is one of my best friends. Her three boys are just about the same ages as my three boys. If you were to ask my boys who their best friends are they would answer with the names of Kann's kids! We have so much in common that when we get together, even after being apart for seems like no time has passed. I love this blog because I miss having my best friends living right down the checking this blog is the next best thing!

4. Sharon at Mrs. Haires Xanga. Mrs. Haire is the mother of one of the teens in our youth group. She drives a Harley, has a blog and facebook....and I think I might actually be related to her now since her older daughter married my brother in law:) She's one cool lady who's blog is filled with encouragement..even in the rough times. (although, she should be persuaded to switch to blogger or something..since I can't comment on her blog without a xanga account!)

5. Charolotte at Life in Guatemala. Charlotte is living in Guatemala serving with the Peace Corp. She shares on her blog some of the most interesting things about life there. When she's home she is someone that Jessalyn looks up to and loves to swim with in the summer! (her parents are pretty cool too!)

There are so many other blogs that I would have loved to share this award with...I love ALL of the blogs that I read!

So there ya go...take your awards and go share them with your favorite 5!


Sharon said...

Hey Kristin...I did it....I am now on blogger..... :)

Sharon said...

thank you for the blog award, I hope I live up to this honor.....