Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yes? No?

Does this sort of idea work? I think I like it:) Josh thought the black and white was too "ghostly". I could drop the opacity even more on the b+w...or raise it more. Also...maybe a different font color for her name?

Anyway...just looking for opinions:)


Anonymous said...

It looks good - I would say duplicate it on your computer and play with changing the opacity and the font color. Sometimes I have 3 copies of the same layout on my desktop so that I can see which one I like better. The only other thing I would suggest is, depending on what software you are using, see if you can change the drop shadow for the color photos. Right now they look like they are floating on the page - maybe that is the look you want, I don't know. I am proud of you for putting your creative abilities to work in this venue also. I love digiscrapping because it is SO much faster! Thanks for the photography tips too.

Kann said...

I really like it! I would love it if I was a parent!