Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Photographing McKayla was SO much fun! She was willing to try anything...from sitting on twisted metal, to tractors, train cars and even old abandoned CREEPY houses! We had some good laughs. McKayla's boyfriend made sure everything was safe first! McKayla and her boyfriend just so happened to be celebrating their two year anniversary that day.

We got about 45 'keepers'...but I will post a few of my favorites here.

McKayla and her boyfriend (who happens to be on of my childhood best friends nephew!)

McKayla and her mom. Mom was a big help driving us all around scoping out new places for pictures!


Angela said...

I absolutely LOVE the one of her in the blue shirt in front of the red fence or wall. She is gorgeous. I saw the pic of the two of them on the railroad track on Steven's facebook but didn't realize you had taken it. It's an amazing picture and one I think they will treasure for many years to come!