Monday, October 11, 2010


It's hard to believe that I have known Sara since she was 11...just a year older than Jessalyn is now! Sara is now a senior, working two jobs...looking at colleges, thinking about becoming a nurse. Sara is amazing. She is a hard working, smart, BEAUTIFUL, Jesus loving young woman. She's a great babysitter and will one day be a wonderful mother.

After rescheduling a few times because of weather and work schedules we were finally able to get together for her senior photo session. We had an 'almost' perfect day with wind being our only issue. We found a bunch of cool locations and I snapped and snapped away while she smiled her beautifully photogenic smile.

After photographing most everyone else, it is easy to filter through the pictures to discard the bad ones and keep the good ones. There are usually a higher percentage of funny expressions, closed eyes and poses that just don't work for whatever reason. Not with Sara. I came back and chose over 70 pictures that came out nicely. The problem with Sara is that she doesn't take a bad picture! It made my job of filtering through them quite difficult, but overall I am confident that I chose the ones that best show her personality.

We had a fun few hours together. As usual, all 70 something photo's are on my website, but I will choose a few to share here. How will I ever decide? There are so many to choose from!

Thank you to Mrs. Oliver and her barn. The plan for this barn is to tear it down..and that will be a sad, sad day for "kristin brown studio"! :) (Thank you Mrs. Oliver!!!)

And one of Sara and Owen. Owen was glad to flash a nice smile to be in a picture with her!
This is Sara and my youngest, Owen.


Anonymous said...

Kristin these are wonderful. Sara is so beautiful, inside and outside.

Kann said...

I am getting very emotional over Sara and Kemsen! I have to admit I peeked at these on your website:)