Monday, October 8, 2012

Seriously delicious doughnuts.

My super awesome friend Beth introduced me to these seriously ridiculously super yummy homemade doughnuts.  I think we shall call them "SRSYHD's" from now on:)  Although, after I share this recipe, you might hate me.  Let's just get it out there.  

They're not exactly good for you:)  ....but what doughnuts are?  

Jessalyn saw Beth make them and just HAD to come home and make them for us.  Everyone is glad that she did.  I photographed the process.  It's easy.  Jessalyn did it all by herself.  

All you need is some oil, a tube of biscuits dough (you know, the kind like Pillsbury, that when you pop them open it gives you a heart attack), some butter (ok..LOTS  of butter), and cinnamon/sugar.  

Heat up some oil, crack open the biscuit dough, use a soda cap to cut out holes in the dough, put the dough in the hot oil, let it turn nice and golden brown, take them out, dunk them in some butter, then in some cinnamon/sugar....and put them on a plate to cool.  If you are like our family, the doughnut holes didn't last long as they taste extra yummy while they are still warm!  

Serious goodness.  A nice treat and fun project.  

Then run twice as far tomorrow or do twice the p90x or Insanity.  Whatever it takes.  

Waiting patiently...

Approval all around:)