Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sick bay.

I remember back in the Whitefield days. Josh has a big family..and like most big families when one gets sick it tends to spread quickly until most of the family is sick. The living room of the Whitefield Parsonage was often given the name "Sick Bay" because at times upon entering the room you would find all the couches and chairs covered with sickies. (and yes...for some reason we like to name rooms and furniture...its normal. really.)

So in the recent days of my own family we find ourselves having our very own "Sick Bay". Unfortunately, my living room is resembling that today. I posted the other day that Owen had been sick all night Sunday but seemed better on Monday. Well...yesterday and today he is acting even more sick then when he was actually throwing up. He is feverish today and just super cuddly.

Of course, Luke didn't want to miss out on the fun so he decided it was his turn to throw up all night last night and started this pattern like every three year old MY bed. Fun times. Then he had one last hoorah in the car this morning as we were driving Jessalyn to school. Even more fun.

So, out comes we we call "Sickie Mattress" (see, here we go again with names). I have this mattress that is kept under Ethans bed..that we use when anyone gets sick. Kids like to sleep with parents when they are it just makes sense to pull out a mattress and put it on the floor in the living room. This way I can be sort of separated from the other kids and hope that we can minimize the spreading. I cover the Sickie Mattress with towels to avoid getting any sickie oozing (from whichever crevice they might be oozing from) on the mattress itself. Its actually a pretty decent system. Also, the kids are comforted for some reason by laying on Sickie Mattress.

I have now spent two out of the last three nights with a pukie kid on Sickie Mattress.

Along with all of this we are hoping to get to the Berkshires on Friday for the BICS reunion and for Joel's graduation on Saturday. It will take ALOT for us to miss this...but there is definitely 'something' working against us this week trying to make it so we don't make it there. Things are not exactly going smoothly for Josh in Matawaska...and there is a chance the he won't make it home in time at all. This would be sad:( He may have to leave at like 3am on Friday arrive here in time to jump in the van and drive another 3.5 hours. He is totally willing to do this...he's excited about the weekend. He is doing everything he can to get the work done that needs to be done...working 12/13 hour days and trying to get the other guys to work more than that (unsuccessfully). Two days, 4 trucks.."double pumpers" which essentially means 8 trucks.

Between that work stuff...and Sick Bay...who knows what will happen this weekend. Please pray with me that it all works out fine and that we end up where we need to be this weekend! Also pray with me that either one of two things happen....1. The sickies stay away from Jessalyn and Ethan (and ME!)...or 2. That if the sickies are going to get us all that it happens and is over with by Friday! And of course, pray that a miracle happens in the middle of nowhere Maine:)

And I just have to share this picture.

"When good Light Sabers go bad"

Yup. One of the Light Sabers is having issues and randomly likes to pop out. These things have some "force" (Jedi force of course) and while walking around with it Luke "put his eye out" (or almost did!).


# 9 said...

Not that I like to suggest corrections on other people's blogs but Madawaska is nowhere near the middle of nowhere, it's so far north of the middle of nowhere you need a whole new map to find it!

It doesn't look like we are going to be able to make the trip to BICS unfortunately, money is too tight and gas is too expensive. It makes me sad...

Kann said...

I'm sorry you've had the sickies too! Man even with our kids being 80 miles apart they still get sick at the same time!!!!

Becky said...

Awww, I hope your little men feel better soon!