Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall photo shoot with my kids.

Having pictures taken when they are required to be "normal" (rather than the crazy kids that they are), is like pure torture for my kids. Before starting out, I had to get myself into the right frame of mind by doing deep breathing exercises and counting to ten before we even started. I also prepared the kids by letting them know right off the bat that they would get a special treat if they cooperate for as long as I want them to.

This combination actually seemed to work. Everyone besides Owen was cooperative. They seemed to enjoy themselves actually. Owen, on the other hand, was as silly as possible and would NOT sit still for a picture or look at the camera without sticking his tongue out or something.

I was frustrated at first after realizing that the first string of pics I took were taken on a 1600 ISO. I must have used the camera in a very low light situation the last time and didn't think to change it. Frustrating. I think if you are aware of "noise" it will be obvious which pictures were taken with the high ISO. I fixed the problem in the middle and made the kids stay for twice as long as they would have needed to had I not made that mistake.

Photography is frustrating. Along side of the ISO problem, I am a bit frustrated with the focusing of many of these shots. To me, it seems that the focus landed more on the bricks, rather than the person. Ahhh...but these are certainly moments to learn from.

So with all of that said, I have about 30 that I ended up relatively happy with. Here are a few of my faves of those 30. (The rest are on smugmug)

After the pictures, the kids were treated to shakes or mcflurries at McD's, a long game of tag with me (one of their favorite things to do) and pizza for dinner!