Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An interesting fall day.

A day full of rain and sunshine and wind and more rain and more sunshine...and some rain and sunshine at the same time. We did manage to have a soccer game during a less rainy part of the day. Today's game was in Sandwich. There were many points along the drive when I wanted to pull over to take pictures, but Jessalyn was stressing that we would be late so I restrained myself from stopping EVERYwhere that I wanted. I did pull over at one point because I just couldn't waste the entire drive through this beautiful town without stopping for atleast a couple photos!

This last picture was actually the 'backdrop' of the field that the kids played on. Jessalyn's team won the game and Jessalyn played very well!


Molly is Fast said...

why do i not remember it being this beautiful in years past? maybe i just miss it so much more this year? either way, your pictures are amazing and i'm so grateful i get to see them from afar. next year, i will be there in person!

Angela said...

Kristin, your photos are all really, really beautiful. So glad you posted them here as they are the closest I will get to foliage, at least for this year!