Tuesday, April 8, 2008


According to the counter at the bottom of my blog I have officially gotten 1000 views to my blog! Its funny to me to have people walk up to me and say "I've been reading your blog...". I am surprised at how many people tell me this and it definitely makes blog writing much more fun! Apparently I get an average of 35 to 40 people checking my blog daily..this is exciting to me! I've seen up to 52 views. (And no...I'm not refreshing my own blog over and over..ha ha ha). The funny thing is that with all these views I only get about 3 or 4 comments per post.

I admit to reading many blogs without commenting. Thats the fun of it. Just for fun though...for this post, why don't you all comment so I can really see who reads this thing! I suppose, if you reeaaallly don't want to that is fine too.

We had a busy weekend. Our friends Heath and Kann came to visit! We had a ton of fun with them and the boys. Between the two of us we have 7 kids...6 of which are boys ages 5 and under. They did really well this weekend..with minimal fighting! We had a birthday party at the Haskins on Saturday. Kann turned 30..as does Josh on Friday. The guys watched basketball while the rest of us watched the eleventy-billion kids run around like crazy.

Its fun to see how many kids we have when we all get together though. On this evening there was...

Jessalyn (7)
Ethan (5)
Daniel (4)
Andrew (3)
Kyndal (3)
Leah (3)
Luke (3)
Riley (20 months)
Sam (16 months)
Owen (1)
Ally (5 months)

Yeah, its fun. And that list was missing Cedies (10), Isaiah (9) and Brandon (7)..because "someone" was too "tired" (ha ha) to be there!

The really cool thing about this group of friends is that on a moments notice we all managed to find babysitters and head out to a movie without kids! Praise the Lord for youth group.

So this blog entry shows where my mind is lately. Things are a bit crazy around here and my whole world seems to be functioning similar to how this blog was written. UNORGANIZED!

Its ok though. Hopefully things will slow down a bit soon!


bethany said...

Hi Kristin! I read your blog...I always have people coming up to me in church saying that they read my blog, too! :) I've actually subscribed to it in my RSS reader, so that doesn't even count toward your page views.

Bethany from DIA :)

Becky said...

I read it :)

(I think it's so cool to see someone else with my husband's name too...Isaiah. You don't see too many people with that name!)

Amy said...

Me too friend! All the way over here in WA!

Congrats on 1000 visits!

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

liss said...

You already know I read it... but I'll comment anyways!

I was happy to babysit your children on Sunday. It was fun. :)

Sharon said...

And I may not comment every time, but I read your blog daily. So much fun to read what your family is doing. We love you guys, and are so glad you are a part of our "family". And soon for real. Scary, huh?

Labbymom (Tiffany) said...

I read too! Since our poor board has just gone downhill, this is a way to keep up with my friends. :) I'm hoping to start my blog up again.

# 9 said...

Yeah, getting comments on your blog does make it more fun... *hint, hint*