Friday, April 4, 2008

A true Guitar Hero!

Our good friend Aaron is a crazy awesome electric guitar player..and we are privileged to have him in our "band". He usually dazzles everyone at youth group with his skills in Guitar Hero. Believe it or not..he doesn't have this game at home and plays it pretty much once a week at our house. Its just not fair! Here's a video of his mad skills:)

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I'm hoping to kick butt on the drums if when we get Rock Band. You all better watch out!

The boys have been enjoying Wii Sports. Its been a perfect thing for them this winter. They hardly ever fight because they each have their own "Mii" and they don't have to fight over who's turn it is because the tv tells them! They like golf and baseball the best..along with bowling. I won't let them do the boxing..because I'm afraid might beat each other up..or worse, throw the Wiimotes at the tv. THAT would be a tragedy that I'm not sure Josh would let them live through. (kidding of course:) )

Here is a little video of the boys playing baseball...

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I made fun of my husband for being one of those geeks that camped out in front of Walmart in 30 degree weather to get a Wii when they first launched...but I have to say, I'm glad that he did!


Anonymous said...
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Becky said...

Wow, Aaron is amazing! My son, Dylan, can play like that too. We have the game at home, but he doesn't play it all that much. Hailey does though :) She's pretty good at it! Sammy is like that with Dance Dance Revolution (which I totally stink at!).